JgACTOR JOEL GREY: 'I'm a gay man'.
TEASER: Netflix reboots Wet Hot American Summer.
VIDEO: Teacher leads high school in 'Uptown Funk' lip dub.
WATCH: Jon Stewart tosses the Sarah Palin word salad.
ALABAMA: Justice Roy Moore won't recognize gay marriage ruling.
NEW MUSIC: St. Vincent, Kate Tempest, SOAK, Brash Flair.



The OXD Mirror: Andy Butler Goes Solo, And Other New Music For The Week



Andy Butler is the mastermind behind the rotating disco house act Hercules and Love Affair, and the man behind the group's three full studio albums released between 2008-2014.  The group, comprised mostly made of LGBT performers (Butler himself, Antony Hegarty, Shaun J Wright, Kim Ann Foxman and Nomi Ruiz to name a few) brought back a  very queer sound to mainstream house music.  Though Butler has always acted as the "lead" for HALA, every song has always been a collective effort of the many artists that make up the group.  In 2015, Butler has set to break off on his own and produce under his own imprint.

Andy Butler: 'You Can Shine (Feat. Richard Kennedy)'

Debuting his first solo EP next month, Butler leads with recent tour mate Richard Kennedy, who acted as male vocal lead for the last Hercules and Love Affair world tour.  I had the pleasure of seeing this very sassy vocalist perform during that tour and his vocal chops and stage presence are combinations you don't see too often.  'You Can Shine' is an excellent club track, with some sounds reminiscent of Butler's HALA days as well as some new flavor injected.

Even more new music, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Idaho House Committee Kills 'Add the Words' LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill

Idaho committee

Idaho's House State Affairs Committee has voted 13-4 along party lines to defeat a bill that would have added "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to the state's Human Rights Act. 

The Idaho Statesman reports:

"We have come a long way. I think this very hearing has brought us a long, long way," said Rep. Ken Andrus, R-Lava Hot Springs, addressing supporters of the bill. "Do not despair. Your concerns are legitimate, very legitimate, and people in Idaho and in the Legislature have heard you and are hearing you."

But, he added, "We have to be very careful how we make those rules and today my feeling is that this is not the rule that addresses the whole picture."

Thursday's vote came after nearly 21 hours of public testimony Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

KBOI2 adds many supporters of the bill left the auditorium in tears, and lined the halls of the Statehouse with their hands over their mouths in silent protest. 

The Statesman, which came out in support of the bill in an editorial this week, had a sticky note on yesterday's front page reading "Add No Words: Stand Up to Bullying!"

Mike Jung, the paper's publisher, offered the following statement in regards to the front-page ad:

Idaho"It's unfortunate the advertising Post It note that appeared on the front page of the Statesman has created hurt and anger among some readers. That was not the intent.

"We welcome and encourage open discussion and dialogue among many topics, including the legislation to ban discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people, commonly referred to as Add the Words. In fact, if a company or individual wanted to communicate they were in favor of the legislation, we would have accepted their paid advertising. Our position is clear on the billas we strongly support its passing.

"Regarding the paper accepting the ad, we provide a platform for both sides of every issue. I would have accepted the same Post-It note if it had read, 'Add the Words, Stop the Bullying.' We offer the same advertising opportunities regardless of the opinion shared within the advertisement. That said, we reserve the right to refuse advertisements that include slanderous or defaming statements. Wednesday's ad was marked as 'Paid for by Lance Wells.' "

Wells, a Christian writer and musician, has called homosexuality "a perversion – a very serious sin – that its practitioners and defenders will invariably demand that others accept it, approve of it, and (to one degree or another) participate in it." 

He also thinks homosexuality should be re-criminalized:

I would prefer to see the United States reenact laws condemning these unhealthy and indecent lifestyles in the most certain of terms, implementing serious consequences for those found guilty of practicing them.  For such people are, quite literally, enemies of the state.  Their behavior spreads spiritual, mental, and physical disease and disorder.  It undermines the most important bastions of society:  the Church and the family.

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Good Will Hunting's Missing Gay Sex Scene Was Only for Those Who Read the Script: VIDEO


Did you miss the gay sex scene in Good Will Hunting?

Harvey Weinstein explains why, on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show.


(h/t instinct)


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Marriage At the Supreme Court 2.0: The Cases



This article is one in a multipart series leading up to a future Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. The Court has granted review of four marriage cases from the Sixth Circuit and a decision may be handed down at the end of June. Between now and then, Towleroad will break down the cases step by step. Today's topic: The Cases.

Last time, we spoke about the importance of framing the case through the Questions Presented. I argued that despite some concern, the two questions posed in the Supreme Court's order do not indicate that the justices are looking for a way out. They are ready to rule. Before we discuss the substance on which the justices will rule, let's review the four cases that will decide the marriage equality question.


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Openly Gay Alabama Representative Patricia Todd Receiving Death Threats Over 'Outing' Pledge: AUDIO

ToddRepresentative Patricia Todd is stirring up quite the controversy in Alabama with her pledge to out anti-gay lawmakers engaging in extramarital affairs. Todd alleges that her pledge has caused the posturing and rhetoric to die down, but that it has also incited some to start lobbing death threats her way - death threats that Todd is taking in an admirable amount of stride:

My life’s been threatened in the past couple of days. A lot of my friends are worried about my safety. The police are patrolling by my house more often. I’ve got an alarm system. I am being careful. But they’re not going to scare me back into my house. I’m not going to let them do that.

Todd still plans to honor her pledge and discusses the events surrounding her pledge and death threats in an interview with Michelangelo Signorile, which you can listen to AFTER THE JUMP...

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Downton Abbey Reportedly Ending After Upcoming Sixth Season


British tabloids are reporting the hit 20th century aristocratic drama Downton Abbey will be coming to an end later this year after its sixth season. 

People reports:

Abbey1The Daily Mirror says writer Julian Fellowes is turning his back on Downton so he can work on a new project for NBC, The Gilded Age, set in 19th century New York. 

"We wouldn’t comment on speculative stories about our programs," the show's U.K. broadcaster, ITV, says in a statement, while a show insider tells PEOPLE. "There has been this speculation since [season] 2." 

The show is commissioned on a season-by-season basis, and the only thing insiders know is which cast and crew will be working for the next, sixth season. 

The Mirror said that ITV was on the hunt for a replacement drama and that actors were actively seeking new work while they were in Los Angeles for the SAG Awards. But this is normal, the insider adds. 

Season 5 is currently airing Sunday nights on PBS. 

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