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Gay Diver Tom Daley Discusses Coming Out, 'Demon Dive' With BBC

Right now, openly gay diver Tom Daley is competing in the 20th annual Commonwealth Games — the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland. So the BBC caught up with him to ask about his coming out and preparation for the games.

DaleyOn coming out, Daley predictably said:

“The public support has been overwhelming. Everyone's been so nice." It is also, he adds, a "massive weight" off his shoulders.

"Right now, all I concentrate on is diving," he says. "I don't have any other worries. I'm happy with life, I'm happy with diving."

But less known is the the fact that Daley has been plagued with performance anxiety over a “demon dive” that nearly derailed his medalling at the 2012 London games:

Known as the 'back two-and-a-half somersault, two-and-a-half twists from the pike position', the dive involves Daley somersaulting backwards while twisting his body around, his head spinning just inches from the board he left a split-second earlier…

The first of his six dives in the Olympic 10m platform final, Daley's rhythm was disturbed when a camera flashlight went off in the arena…

Daley has just 1.8 seconds to complete each dive before he hits the water 10 metres below at 34mph.

He was allowed to retake it and achieved a respectable score, good enough for him to get on the podium at his home Games.

But from that day on, the dive was an issue.

At various stages over the last two years, he has used words and phrases like "phobia" and "trauma therapy" to describe his state of mind whenever he tries to perform it.

He has even enlisted the help of psychologist to address the issue. But, two years on, he still does not feel 100% comfortable with it.

In April, the dive misfired again and he missed out on a medal at a World Series event in London, in the very pool where the problems began…

The article also contains Daley’s reply to those who claim that he spends too much time on his reality TV show appearances ("If I spent my whole life worrying about what people thought, I wouldn't be a diver and I wouldn't be where I am today.”) as well as this interesting homo-sports nugget:

Daley is likely to face a major challenge from Australia's Matthew Mitchum, who won Olympic gold in Beijing in 2008, when they compete in the 10m platform in Glasgow later this week.

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'This Is How We Do' - Katy Perry: VIDEO


Pop starlet and rocket-boobed motivational singer Katy Perry has dropped a new music video for her single "This Is How We Do" from her album PRISM. Like most of her music it's pretty fluffy, but it's enjoyable and engaging fluff with a lot of bright visuals that are sure to put you in a happy mood.

Plus, her male backup dancers are dressed like Peewee Herman, and that alone is reason to watch, which you can do AFTER THE JUMP...

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Chris Christie Attacked For Re-appointing Pro-Equality Judge

The Judicial Crisis Network has announced its plans to launch a slew of attack ads against Chris Christie for supporting Stuart Rabner, Chief Justice of New Jersey’s Supreme Court.

20140730Bail116Rabner led the Court’s decision in 2012 to deny the State’s attempt at staying the ruling for Garden State Equality v. Dow, which held that same-sex couples could marry. Governor Christie, who is no stranger to making strategic plays across the aisle, renominated Rabner this past May.

"Chris Christie promised to change New Jersey's liberal Supreme Court.” One of the organizations TV spots declares. “ Over and over he broke his promise. The court remains liberal.”

To his credit, Christie’s backing Rabner is reflective of deals the governor has made to assuage New Jersey’s majority Democratic Senate.

"Gov. Christie has nominated multiple conservatives to the Supreme Court but several have been blocked by the Democrat Senate.” Republican strategist and Christie advisor Mike Duhaine explained to CNN. “Yet, Governor Christie has still been able to get three Republicans on to the state's highest court, making it more conservative. “

Watch the Judicial Crisis Network's TV spot AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ugandan ‘Burn The Gays’ Rapper Bobi Wine Banned From Two UK Venues

Yoweri museveni bobi wine

Bobi Wine, a homophobic rapper from Uganda, has been banned from two venues in England, reports The Birmingham Mail.

London’s Troxy Theatre and Birmingham’s Drum Theatre said they will not allow performances from anyone who promotes discrimination.

Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, has in the past urged fans to “get behind me and fight the Batty Man.”  In his Ugandan reality TV show, Wine was seen on camera writing the words “burn all the batty man.”

Charles Small, Drum Theatre’s CEO, said:

“The Drum will not tolerate or condone any homophobic sentiments and lyrics at any time. And if an artist or individual was found to be in breach of our rules while on stage or in the building the show or performance would be terminated and persons ejected from the building.”

Taking to Facebook yesterday to defend his views and Uganda's harsh anti-gay laws, using an image of himself with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni with the caption "FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY," Wine wrote:

It's a misinterpretation to say that Uganda wants to kill homosexuals because the biggest sanction for the offenders (aggravated homosexuality with a minor where the offender is HIV positive) is life imprisonment and not death.

The intension [sic] of the Act is to stop promotion and exhibition of homosexual practices. In fact, degenerate passions can be regulated by discipline and the benefit of the law is to create standard behaviour for us Ugandans.

Like wise therefore, I am personally not out to threaten the life of any individual based on their sexual Orientation, I just DO NOT agree with them.

This is my opinion and happens to be that of 99% ugandans/Africans basing on our culture,religion and constitution.

Small said that he was not aware of Wine’s homophobic views when the event was booked and is awaiting a further guarantee that the show - a concert staged by Ugandan drama and music troupe The Ebonies -  will be free of anti-gay content.

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NewFest Movie Review: Hong Khaou's 'Lilting' Is A Stunning, Intimate Portrait Of Loss And Cultural Divides



You’d be hard pressed to believe that Lilting, a measured and quietly emotional film which screened this week at NYC's NewFest, is the work of a first time director. But Hong Khaou has crafted an intimate portrait of loss which questions tightly bound notions of familial and cultural divides. 

The story follows Junn (Pei-pei Cheng), an elderly woman whose only son, Kai (Andrew Leung), has placed her in a posh assisted living home. There is tension around this decision, located primarily in the jealousy Junn feels for Kai’s friend Richard (Ben Whishaw), who she believes has taken her place in Kai’s home. Little does she know that Richard is actually Kai’s live-in boyfriend and, if only they could be honest with each other, everyone may be able to live in peace. That aspiration is dashed when Kai meets an untimely death at the beginning of the film. Richard, burdened with immeasurable loneliness, reaches out to Junn for the first time, using a translator named Vann (Naomi Christie) to speak with her and forge unsteady ties.

Lilting2The film is conspicuous in its preoccupation with speech. The narrative plays out as a series of inventively written conversations bracketed by chillingly beautiful shots of the colder months passing by outside (the movie won the World Cinematography award at Sundance). Flashbacks and memories serve as consistent reminders of the influence Kai had on both characters, and the depth of the loss they have suffered. Khaou is clever here, too, repeating scenes multiple times as they garner new layers, or editing together the past and present. In a particularly emotional scene, Richard lies in bed with Kai, touching him, only to begin crying when he realizes the impossibility of such contact in the present; the doorbell rings and Richard, still teary-eyed, rushes downstairs to find Junn and Vann at he and Kai’s home, a kind of intimate intrusion. 

Through their conversations, Richard and Junn come to recognize pieces of Kai that they had not known. They mutually reinforce the best and worst memories, etching an indelible, shared portrait of the man they both loved. The tension is palpable, particularly around Kai and Richard’s romantic relationship and the limits of what Kai would have wanted his mother to know. Where so many other movies rely on subtitles, Lilting strands us alongside Richard and Junn in this uncomfortable space of unknowing, relying on Vann’s translations and creating tension as the conversations become more heated. The actors inhabit their roles beautifully, with Whishaw giving a prickly, tearful performance and Pei-Pei one of restraint and palpable depression. Their personalities, as much as their languages and ages, clash and lend the film an even more realistic feel. 

Ultimately, divides are breached, language is tested, and neither character comes out miraculously healed. There is incurable sadness in Kai’s disappearance from their lives. But, Lilting leaves us with the notion that memories live on in the shuffle toward renewed normalcy, and the best we can do is seek to understand the varied, beautiful facets of those we have lost. 

Check out the trailer for the film, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Janelle Monae Invites You To A Dancin' Sorority Party In 'Electric Lady' - VIDEO


Janelle Monae has just released a catchy new dance anthem for her song "Electric Lady" and the video has everything you’d expect from the Outkast descendant — cupcake-baking ladies, a retro-futuristic sorority setting, light saber group dancing and a groovealicious houseparty featuring a marching band.

Plus the video shows Monae’s real-life mother at the beginning — score!

The song comes from Janelle Monae’s latest album The Electric Lady. We shared her video for Q.U.E.E.N. (another track from the same album) earlier this year.

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP…


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