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Idaho Won't Allow 74-Year-Old Gay Navy Veteran to Be Buried with Her Wife: VIDEO


Madelynn Taylor, a 74-year-old U.S. Navy veteran from Boise, Idaho, is speaking out after the Idaho Veterans Cemetery refused her request to be buried with her wife Jean Mixner, who died in 2012, KBOI reports:

She went to the Idaho Veterans Cemetery and asked officials to reserve a spot for interment, along with her partner's ashes. The cemetery allows spouses of veterans to be buried or interred with them.

They said no.

"I'm not surprised." Taylor said. "I've been discriminated against for 70 years, and they might as well discriminate against me in death as well as life."

A spokesperson with the Division of Veterans Services told KBOI 2News that they "have to abide by the Idaho state constitution," which only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman.

"I don't see where the ashes of a couple old lesbians is going to hurt anyone," Taylor said.

Taylor, who served in the Navy for six years, says this is her home state and the only place she wants to be buried, next to her wife, whom she legally married in California in 2008.

Watch KBOI's interview with Taylor, AFTER THE JUMP...


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HIV-Negative Men Scared, Curious, Slutty When It Comes To HIV: VIDEO


HIV-positive blogger Mark S. King of My Fabulous Disease recently interviewed four HIV-negative men and encouraged them to speak freely about their feelings on HIV.

One man wonders whether alcohol, drugs or careless fun are always involved when gay men contract HIV. Another says that HIV-positive guys don’t remember the fear of catching the virus. And another wonders if poz guys are having more sex than non-poz guys, and if they always tell their sexual partners about their status.

But despite their curiosity, these young men also discuss strategies they've made to keep themselves HIV-negative while sexually active: things like sero-sorting, condom use and staying far away from semen. It's a refreshingly candid take on an issue that doesn't get much air time these days.

See the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Madonna Thinks Vladimir Putin And Kale Are Gay, Just Like You


While playing a word association game on Buzzfeed called "Madonna’s Opinion On 10 Completely Random Things," the Queen of Pop called kale and Russian President Vladimir Putin "gay."

Naturally some people are disappointed, especially considering the ad campaign discouraging people from using "That's so gay" as an insult and a study revealing that doing so harms young people

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Gay Marriage Proposal of the Day: Michael and Michael


L.A.'s Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over saw more than one story with a twist earlier this month:

On April 3, 2014, Michael Rachlis planned a surprise marriage proposal to his boyfriend of 3 years, Michael Feldman, during the curtain call of Feldman's comedy show "Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over".

But that wasn't the only surprise of the evening...


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South Carolina Town Takes Action in Defense of Fired Lesbian Police Chief: VIDEO


Last week, we reported the developing story on the controversial firing of Police Chief Crystal Moore of Latta, South Carolina. Moore says she was fired by Mayor Earl Bullard because of her sexual orientation, a claim backed up by a leaked audio recording of Bullard saying he’d rather have an alcoholic be responsible for his kids than a gay person with a “questionable” lifestyle.

The city council, which has been looking into the issue, is now taking action in defense of Moore.

Think Progress reports:

First, the Latta Town Council voted unanimously (6-0) on an emergency ordinance that blocks Bullard from replacing Moore for about two months. During that time, the town will have a chance to vote on a referendum adjusting the basic governing structure to grant more power to the council and less to the mayor. If that adjustment is made, council members say they will vote to rehire Moore.

In a separate symbolic vote, the council voted 6-0 to support Moore for her 20 years of service to the town.

Earlier this week, Moore also appeared on MSNBC to discuss her situation. You can watch the interview AFTER THE JUMP

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Lorde's 'Tennis Court' Gets Glowing 'Flume' Remix: VIDEO


Flume (below), an up-and-coming producer for Australia, has given a crowning glow to Lorde's track "Tennis Court". Flume is also one half of the duo What So Not from the Skrillex record label OWSLA and a sometime collaborator with Ghostface Killah.


On another note, Thursday's OXD Mirror music column will be coming tomorrow.


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