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New: Thomas Kinkade, Palm Springs, Ben Bradshaw, Buenos Aires

RoadThomas Kinkade, iconic Christian painter of kitsch landscapes, dead at 54. "His paintings are hanging in an estimated one of every 20 homes in the United States."

MantisRoadOh, just a praying mantis riding a bike.

RoadPalm Springs White Party revelers to "rage in 3-D". “Every year I love to change it up. Last year was ‘Tron' and the year before we had a super hero theme and now we're going 3-D,” Sanker said, who explained that from the start, attendees will be given 3-D glasses so that when they enter the convention center images pop off the walls. “I like to be on the cutting edge of what's going in the world,” he said. “Our community is known for creativity so I like to reflect that by keeping it fresh.”

RoadMissouri State Rep. Donna Lichtenegger (R-Jackson) characterizes same-sex marriage as "legal perversion" in a post on her Facebook page.

RoadMaine poll shows growing support for marriage equality: "A majority of respondents (58%) indicated support for same-sex marriage being legal in Maine. This result is slightly higher than but does not represent a statistically significant difference from the results of two other recent public polls."

BradshawRoadMP Ben Bradshaw, one of the first openly gay MPs and  the first Cabinet minister to enter a civil partnership says gays don't need marriage: "This isn't a priority for the gay community, which already won equal rights. We've never needed the word 'marriage,' and all it's done now is get a bunch of bishops hot under the collar."

RoadAustralian opposition leader Tony Abbott respects his sister for coming out of the closet but won't change his position on same-sex marriage: "We've had a lot of interesting discussions and we'll keep those discussions going, but fundamentally I want to be a politician that keeps my commitments."

RoadAnti-gay hate crime inspires Ohio rallies: "The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that about 80 people chanted and carried signs Thursday night at the University of Cincinnati in reaction to a March 24 assault in Oxford against two gay men holding hands. The Middletown Journal reported that a similar rally by about 80 people was held simultaneously about 40 miles northwest of Cincinnati on the Miami University campus in Oxford."

HarketRoadA-ha's Morton Harket on Morrissey: "He almost had an erection around me! We met up in New Orleans sometime in the eighties.... he thought it was a bit difficult I think, the whole thing. He said something… I thought he was decidedly on the gay side."

RoadHate group leadere Brian Camenker of MassResistance says  America's 'Worldwide Homosexual Terror Group' will bring about 'Brutal Oppression'.

RoadVideo shows Virginia apartment complex moments after being hit by military jet: "The two crew members of the F/A 18 Hornet reportedly ejected at a low altitude from the aircraft before it crashed."

RoadBuenos Aires may allow foreign gay couples to marry there: "The considerations come on the back of urging by LGBT activists and the travel industry, as the capital is particularly popular with gay tourists. In the Province of Santa Fe, restrictions have already been eased to the extent that gay couples can get married within a week of their residency in the area. Just last month, Simón Cazal and Sergio Lopez, both of Paraguay, became the first foreign same-sex couple to get married in Argentina. The ceremony took place in Rosario, a city roughly 300 km northwest of Buones Aires, where no right of residency is required for marriage, same-sex or heterosexual."

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Sexually Lost in 'American Translation': VIDEO


French director Pascal Arnold's road trip thriller American Translation is to be released on DVD later this month and a sexual (and dark) trailer precedes it. If you're into films featuring bisexual love triangles, gay hustlers, and jealous obsession, you should enjoy the trailer and film, which bills itself as "a twisted Bonnie and Clyde for a new generation."



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Library of Congress Staffer Says He Was Fired for Being Gay: VIDEO


Peter TerVeer, who was hired as a temporary employee at the Library of Congress' office of inspector general in 2008 and promoted several levels before being fired, says he was fired for his job after he disclosed that he is gay.

FOX5 reports:

"[I was] hired and subsequently promoted to a [GS] 9," said TerVeer. "And then to an 11. And got my in-grade [pay] increases, then things turned sour."

Sour, says TerVeer, when he disclosed that he is gay. In an affidavit in support of a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, TerVeer says his immediate supervisor created a hostile work environment by disparaging both his homosexuality and his religious beliefs.

"My personal perspective as to having my religious beliefs is that homosexuality is not a sin. And that was not the case up there," said VerTeer gesturing toward the location of his old office.

FOX 5 has obtained what appear to be emails from that supervisor. In one of them, the supervisor writes to his employee that "He [meaning Jesus] prohibited sexual immorality including homosexuality...."

Watch FOX5's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

Gay Man Says Library of Congress Supervisor Disparaged Homosexuality:


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Texas Megachurch Expects 30,000 for Tim Tebow Easter Sermon

TebowThe hot Christianist ticket this weekend:

The church told local TV station KVUE that it’s erecting bleachers on its 60-acre outdoor space for what it expects to be a crowd of as many as 30,000 people.

“Obviously it’s our Super Bowl,” said Joe Champion, pastor at the Celebration Church. “Easter is the resurrection of Christ, which we celebrate in our faith. We feel like it’s going to be a testimony to the community. We want it to be a family event.”

Tebow recently got a mani-pedi (first time I’ve ever typed that phrase) to get himself ready for the festivities, but Pastor Champion wants to make clear that it’s not all about glorifying Tebow.

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Catholic Church Threatens Colorado Immigrant Aid Group because It Supports Gay Rights

The Catholic Church is threatening to cut off aid to Compañeros, an immigrant rights group in Colorado, which, according to the NYT, "help(s) poor Hispanic immigrants with basic needs including access to health care and guidance on local laws."


The problem, the diocesan liaison explained, was Compañeros’s membership in an immigrant rights coalition that had joined forces with a statewide gay and lesbian advocacy group, recounted Nicole Mosher, Compañeros’s executive director. The Catholic Campaign, which doles out $8 million annually to about 250 groups nationwide, has been under increasing pressure from conservative Catholic groups to ensure that it is not unwittingly aiding organizations that run afoul of church positions on issues like birth control and marriage. While the amount lost is often relatively small, it can account for a significant chunk of a group’s budget.

The situation is similar to one in Maine in 2010, in which the Catholic Church in Maine, led by Bishop Richard Malone, cut off funding for Preble Street, a group that helps the homeless, as revenge for the group's support of the Maine "No on 1" campaign:

FourcornersThe NYT adds:

In Colorado, Compañeros is still waiting on the potential fallout. Last fall, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, whose affiliation with Compañeros prompted the controversy, began a partnership with One Colorado. It was One Colorado’s support for civil unions that was at issue, Mr. McCloud said.

Theresa M. Trujillo, the vice president of the immigrant coalition’s board, said she was concerned at the “degrees of separation” that could lead to a loss of funds.

“The Catholic Church is punishing Compañeros for having a relationship with an organization that has a relationship with an organization whose mission it is to have equality for L.G.B.T. folks,” Ms. Trujillo said.

Compañeros Facebook page is here. More at With Charity for All.

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Barbara Walters Interviews Trans Pageant Beauty Jenna Talackova, Gloria Allred, and Donald Trump: VIDEO


On last night's 20/20, Barbara Walters sat down with Jenna Talackova, the Canadian transgender Miss Universe contestant who was rejected (and later reinstated) to the competition after officials discovered that she is transgender.

Walters wastes no time diving into the physical aspects of Talackova's experience, speaking to Talackova about her childhood, her transition, her sexuality, how she took her name (her mother suggested it), and why she decided to enter the pageant.

Said Talackova: "I feel like the universe, the creator put me in this position as an advocate. If it's helping anyone else, and my story, then I feel great about it."

JennatalWalters also talks to attorney Gloria Allred, and Donald Trump about their public barbs this week over Talackova, in which Trump appeared on TMZ and boasted about the impressive size of his genitalia.

Trump, in his interview with 20/20, comes up with a bizarre, paranoid and offensive theory that Talackova has an "ulterior motive" because the first letters of her name spell "JENNATAL".

Says Allred: "With all due respect to Mr. Trump, he really needs to stop being focused on genitals. His, or anyone else's. This world does not revolve around his penis or anyone else's genitalia. Whether a person is a woman is not simply defined by her genitalia."

Watch the full segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

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