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Leading NC Anti-Gay Bigots Push Discriminatory Amendment: VIDEO


Dr. Mark Harris, NC Values Coalition's Tami Fitzgerald, Christian Action League's Mark ('sodomites') Creech, and extremist wingnut Rev. Patrick ('gay men lodge cell phones in their anuses') Wooden take turns dressing up their bigotry and hatred for gays in this new video urging voters to pass Amendment One in North Carolina.


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Rick Warren Won't Adjust His Position on Same-Sex Marriage Until God Does: VIDEO


His God, that is.

Rick Warren appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, and Jake Tapper asked him if his church might shift its policy on same-sex marriage as popular opinion shifts on the issue, Think Progress LGBT reports.

Said Warren: "Well, if the Bible is the word of God, then I don’t have the right to change it. Policies come and go over the years. And so if I’m unpopular for certain beliefs, well, then I’m unpopular for certain beliefs. And to me, the Bible is very clear that sex is for a man and a woman in marriage only...history shows that when the church accommodates culture, it weakens it. This is why there is a very weak church in Europe today. It’s almost non-existent in many areas."


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1100

KAZAKHSTAN: Good thing we didn't rent there.

ZINNIA JONES: On the NOM documents and donors.

ST. MAARTEN: Woman demonstrates why you shouldn't ignore "DANGER" signs and stand behind a jet engine.

THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE: Explained by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

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News: Instagram and Facebook, Judy Garland, Homophobes, Chile

RoadFacebook buys Instagram for $1 billion. Mark Zuckerberg announcement.

RoadWhite House announces Pride Month Champions of Change video challenge.

JudyismRoadThe death of Judyism: “I mean, I know she used to be important to gay guys, but I don’t see what she has to do with being gay anymore, except she did sort of remind me of Whitney and Lindsay and Britney. You know, train wrecks. The whole play was like that YouTube video where Britney goes after that car with her umbrella. Some gay guys do seem to like that kind of thing.”

RoadZac Efron's Easter Egg hunt.

RoadVIDEO: James Franco loves you like a love song, baby.

RoadRescued baby dolphin is the cutest thing you'll see all day.

RoadChile to improve how the Census reflects the LGBT community: "Today, the MOVILH launched a national campaign urging same-sex couples to register as such in the 2012 census under the theme of 'Acknowledge the other half of your orange' ('Tu media naranja' or 'Your half orange' is a common term of endearment used in Latin America to refer to one's partner)."

RoadJoel Edgerton strips down at Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia.

RoadAnne Hathaway chopped all her hair off for Les Miz.

CameronRoadStudy: Homophobes likely to be closet gays. "The study, which analyzed four separate experiments conducted in the US and Germany, provides empirical evidence to suggest that in some individuals homophobia is the external manifestation of repressed sexual desires they feel towards their own gender."

RoadObama to attend $2500/ticket LGBT fundraiser in Hollywood, Florida: "Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz; DNC National Political Director Jeffrey Lerner; Jaime Citron, national LGBT vote director of the president’s re-election campaign; Obama for America National Finance Director Rufus Gifford and Obama for America Florida State Director Ashley Walker will brief supporters before the president arrives. Obama will then attend a general fundraiser at the Westin Diplomat Hotel before he returns to Washington, D.C."

RoadSupport marriage equality in the UK.

RoadMale model fix: Eric Belanger.

IheardRoadThe First Time I Heard: Novelist Scott Heim's new book series on aural histories.

RoadJohn Kerry urges DHS to stop deportation of married lesbian Pakistani national: “I know that you and I both believe that every family is worthy and recognition and respect, and that no family should be torn apart based on a discriminatory law,” Kerry writes. “Abeyance will allow this remarkable young couple to move forward with their dream of building a life together at home in Massachusetts.”

RoadFormer Philadelphia Eagle Don McPherson speaks out against homophobia, sexism: "We learn to communicate in our organizations, with rules. But when we talk about social issues, we don’t do that. Very often, we remain silent about things, even when we see them happening right in front of us..."

RoadHacker group Anonymous claims successful hack of 2,725 emails belonging to Tunisia's ruling Ennahda party, including those of the prime minister: "In a video posted on a Facebook page belonging to Anonymous TN, a hacker wearing the trademark activist 'Guy Fawkes' mask, said the emails were released in protest against Ennahda's alleged failure to protect the unemployed and artists who were attacked by Salafi Islamists during a recent protest."

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Matt Zarley Puts Himself in Political Hot Water: VIDEO


Recording artist Matt Zarley, who has more chest hair and mustache than Magnum PI, takes the plunge into politics with this lighthearted 70's inspired meditation on a closeted presidential contender and his unraveling.

Watch "Trust Me", AFTER THE JUMP...

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Obama Campaign Opposes Minnesota Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment, Echoing Words Used in North Carolina

In mid-March, the Obama campaign in North Carolina went on record against Amendment One, the ballot measure that would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage there.

MNMinnesota is facing a similar ballot measure, and today the Obama campaign in Minnesota released a statement identical to the one released in North Carolina:

"While the President does not weigh in on every single ballot measure in every state, the record is clear that the President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples," said Kristen Sosanie, spokeswoman for the Obama for America - Minnesota campaign. "That's what the Minnesota ballot initiative would do - it would single out and discriminate against committed gay and lesbian couples - and that's why the President does not support it."

Minnesotans United for All Familes was grateful for the statement:

Minnesotans United for All Families is thrilled to see President Obama publicly opposing the proposed constitutional amendment to limit the freedom to marry.

President Obama has spoken out time and again about his belief that gays and lesbians deserve the same legal rights as all Americans. This amendment would exclude gays and lesbians from the right to marry. It would use the constitution to tell gays and lesbians it’s illegal to marry the person you love. The amendment does not represent the values Minnesotans hold dear – that marriage is about love and commitment, and that freedom means freedom for everyone.

We’re happy that President Obama and Minnesotans from all walks of life see this amendment for what it is – a government exclusion to a group of people simply because of who they are.

DibbleUPDATE: Sens. Scott Dibble (pictured), DFL-Minneapolis, John Harrington, DFL-St. Paul, and Patricia Torres Ray, DFL-Minneapolis, along with Reps. Karen Clark, DFL-Minneapolis, Erin Murphy, DFL-St. Paul, Bobby Joe Champion, DFL-Minneapolis, and Susan Allen, DFL-Minneapolis, released the following statement:

“We are very happy to see President Obama’s strong opposition to the anti-marriage amendment that will be on the November ballot here in Minnesota and we echo his sentiment. The proposed amendment would rewrite our constitution for the sole purpose of denying freedoms to a certain group of Minnesotans. Marriage is about love and commitment, and our state constitution should never be used make it illegal for some Minnesotans to marry the person they love. Freedom means freedom for everybody—no exceptions, no exclusions.

"Marriage is something that is celebrated in Minnesota communities. We come together with friends and family to honor two people entering into the lifetime commitment of rights and responsibilities that comprises marriage. Our communities are strengthened by strong families, and families are strengthened through marriage. By limiting the freedom to marry, we are limiting the strength of our communities.

"We thank President Obama for lending his voice to this discussion and hope it sparks a conversation that Minnesotans will be having in their communities in the months leading up to Election Day about what marriage, family and freedom really mean to each of us. We urge voters to join us in voting no on the anti-marriage amendment.”

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