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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1104

ELEGIA: New Order's never-before-released full 18-minute 1985 track, which appeared on the Low-Life LP in five-minute form.

BEYOND THE GAY WHITE MALE: No More Down Low visits the Queer People of Color conference at California State University Northridge.

NHL PLAYOFF BEARDS: The best in history.

COMING OUT: Parenting and a kid's decision to come out about his gay dad.

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News: Jean Paul Gaultier, Azealia Banks, Harvey Milk, Apple

RoadIs NOM venturing into libelous woods?

RoadNYT blasts Obama LGBT non-discrimination snub: "His hesitation to ban gay bias by government contractors, like his continued failure to actually endorse the freedom to marry, feels like a cynical hedge. It’s hard to see the political sense in it, and it is certainly unhelpful to the cause of full gay equality under the law."

PittRoadBrad Pitt, high school Reject.

RoadWikileaks founder Julian Assange's talk show to start: "WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has finished shooting 12 episodes of his TV talk show, which will be called The World Tomorrow and is set to debut next week on Russia's RT news network, formerly known as Russia Today, and online, the organization said Friday."

RoadAzealia Banks: “’212’ is arrogant, and fashion is arrogant. Selling beauty means convincing people that you have something they want.”

RoadBreath a sigh of relief, our solar system is normal: "The suggestion that other solar systems have similar numbers of planets to our own fits with growing evidence that ours is not as freakish as earlier evidence suggested."

RoadA street in San Diego's hillcrest neighborhood may soon be named after Harvey Milk, making it the first street in the country to be named for the gay civil rights hero: "'Not only does the street run into the LBGT center, this is where the pride parade begins, where the community gathers, where there's a new pride pole project being proposed,' San Diego Pride Executive Director Dwayne Crenshaw said. If the street name changes, the 17 properties on the street will have to change mailing addresses and local maps will have to be edited for visitors."

RoadIn light of this year's cinematic Snow White fever, Nathaniel Rogers looks back at the original.

RoadJean Paul Gaultier designs costumes for Madonna's MDNA world tour.

GaultierRoadAnd, Gaultier drags up Diet Coke...

RoadPhillipe Starck says he's working on  “revolutionary” new product that will be unveiled in the next 8 month for Apple. Apple says it isn't working with him.

RoadMillions against Monsanto. "This November, in a food fight that will largely determine the future of what we eat and what we grow, Monsanto will face its greatest challenge to date: a statewide citizens’ ballot initiative that will give Californians the opportunity to vote for their right to know whether the food they buy is contaminated with GMOs."

RoadAtlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White tweets that he doesn't want to be gay and isn't really sorry for tweeting about it.

RoadGay adults rejected by their parents have worse health: "For example, gay and bisexual men who felt rejected by their parents had a six to seven times increased risk of binge drinking and serious depression, while lesbian and bisexual women whose parents did not support them had a fivefold increased risk of serious depression and an 11-fold increased risk of illicit drug use."

RoadJohn Mellencamp orders Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to stop using his music.

RoadFrancis Bean Cobain: "Twitter should ban my mother."

MasonRoadJames Duke Mason's Trailblazer campaign one year later.

RoadSeattle archdiocese pushes Catholics to help overturn marriage equality: “This is an issue campaign. It is not a candidate campaign so we are allowed to participate in issue campaigns, especially when they have a strong moral dimension like this one does. In our opinion, the redefinition of marriage is a far-reaching decision and it should be placed on the ballot for the voters to decide."

RoadAFA's Bryan Fischer: "Liiberals in America are killing America's women before they are ever born."

RoadAn oral history of gay punk.

RoadPro-LGBT religious voices underrepresented in national media, says GLAAD: "The research, a three year study of 316 news stories about LGBT issues, using 1,387 different religious sources on national television and print news media, shows a disproportionate reliance on anti-LGBT religious voices commenting on LGBT people and issues. Three out of four religious messages came from people whose religions have formal policies opposing LGBT equality, despite the fact that acceptance of LGBT people is growing across faith traditions."

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NOM's Brian Brown Says Obama Administration Slipped HRC Its Tax Forms, Compares it to Watergate

The National Organization for Marriage says "criminal activity" has occurred regarding the publication of its 2008 1099 tax form on March 30 by the Human Rights Campaign, which sought to reveal how Mitt Romney tried to shuffle his anti-gay financial activities in support of NOM and Proposition 8 through an obscure Alabama PAC.

BrownThe document, which was published to Scribd by HRC, has now been deleted, and that, NOM President Brian Brown is freaking out that something criminal has occurred:

"They now realize that they have done something tremendously wrong here or they would not have removed the references," NOM President Brian Brown said today. "A felony has been committed and the Treasury Department must investigate who within the IRS has committed it, and whether people with the Obama Administration or the HRC are co-conspirators in the criminal release of our confidential tax return. We demand that federal authorities immediately launch an investigation into this crime. This is not a routine leak of some obscure document. We're talking about someone in the Obama Administration's IRS releasing to a group headed by President Obama's national co-chair the private tax return containing confidential donor information of their main opponent. This is reminiscent of Watergate, and the American people are entitled to know the truth of what has occurred."

The document, which contains the names of dozens of donors, is still available at the Huffington Post.

NOM is currently the subject of lawsuits in several states for trying to hide its donors. It recently lost another one in Maine.

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Montana Supreme Court Hears Appeal of Case Demanding Equal Rights for Gay Couples

The American Civil Liberties Union today appealed a district-court ruling dismissing the same-sex domestic partnership case, Donaldson and Guggenheim v. State of Montana, to the Montana Supreme Court:

Montana“The Montana Constitution guarantees fair and equal treatment to all people, including gay and lesbian couples,” said lead attorney, James Goetz, of the Bozeman, MT, law firm Goetz, Gallik & Baldwin, who is acting as a cooperating attorney. “This case is about giving loving, committed couples the recognition they deserve and ensuring that all families can thrive in Montana. Domestic partnerships are a way for the Montana Constitution’s guarantees of human dignity and protection for all people to be upheld for same-sex couples.”

Without domestic partnership recognition, the plaintiffs in the case have been denied the ability to take care of each other and their families. Denise Boettcher of Laurel was denied bereavement leave when her partner Kellie Gibson’s father died. Mary Leslie of Bozeman lost her home because she was ineligible for worker's compensation death benefits when her partner was killed in an accident. When Mary Anne Guggenheim had a hip replacement, the doctor’s office staff would not speak to plaintiff Jan Donaldson, Guggenheim’s partner of 29 years, without a release.

Judge Jeffrey Sherlock dismissed the case in April 2011, saying that an amendment to the Montana Constitution that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman had already settled the question, adding that the question of granting gay couples the benefits, without allowing them to get married, was best left to the legislative process. Sherlock also said that a ruling to force state lawmakers to write new laws would be an inappropriate breach of the separation of powers between the three branches of government.

In November, the ACLU said that Sherlock "abdicated his responsibility" in dismissing the case.

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Snackman Gets a NYT Profile


This week's chip-eating viral video hero, Charles Sonder, gets a story in the NYT:

He was cool incarnate. No weapons. No visible bloodshed. Not even a loud word. A newcomer to the city, munching on chips, and a poker face for the ages.

My post if you missed it, is HERE. Video reposted, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Glee' Enters the Disco Era: VIDEOS


Glee's inevitable disco episode is about to arrive and two full previews have hit the web.

Darren Criss engages in some toe-touching acrobatics in the Bee Gees hit "You Should Be Dancing", and Amber Riley takes control of an underlit classroom dancefloor in "Disco Inferno".

Check 'em out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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