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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1747

MEGYN KELLY: Explodes over Duggar debate

THE ANTHEM: #MakeNowMatter and fight for LGBT equality

FERRET BABIES: One is having some trouble following mom

BJORK: 360 degree virtual reality music video for 'Stonemilker'



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David Mixner on Denny Hastert: 'Stop Beating Around the Bush,' The Speaker is a Pedophile - VIDEO


Civil rights activist David Mixner joined Thomas Roberts today to talk about the latest developments in the Denny Hastert story. Earlier today, ABC News aired an interview with the sister of one of the former Speaker of the House's abuse victims, Steve Reinboldt, who died of AIDS-related causes in 1995.

Hastert was indicted in May on charges he paid $3.5 million in hush money to an unidentified individual, a former male student with whom he had engaged in sexual misconduct.

Said Mixner:

"The Speaker is a pedophile. And anyone else who would be molesting a 14-year-old high school student would be labeled a pedophile, and we should stop beating around the bush on this...It is the ultimate violation of trust and abuse of authority."

Hastert also oversaw the Mark Foley case in 2006. Foley resigned after his improper behavior with pages and former pages was discovered, and Hastert and others were found to have looked the other way.

Added Mixner:

"How inappropriate that he was the one that supervised the Mark Foley case, to begin with...I never heard a rumor about the Speaker when I was in Washington. But we do know this. Ms. Burdge is a credible voice today...she was the sister of a man who was clearly abused by a pedophile who was a high school teacher who children look up to...even if some people knew, when you become Speaker of the House, no one's going to take you on because - that young man who was abused was absolutely right - who's gonna believe you?"


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A Highlight Reel of Rick Perry Proving Why He's Bad News for 2016 LGBT Voters: VIDEO


When it comes to LGBT rights, Rick Perry gets a failing grade. But considering his college transcript and inability to count to three, the former Texas governor's record is hardly a surprise. 

Watch HRC's candidate profile on the newly declared 2016 contender, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Air Force Moves Toward Trans-Inclusive Service Member Policy


The Air Force has taken steps to loosen its ban on openly transgender service members, the Washington Blade reports:

Daniel Sitterly, principal deputy assistant Air Force secretary for manpower and reserve affairs, said in a statement the policy change takes place even though the ban on openly transgender service in the U.S. military remains in effect.

“Though the Air Force policy regarding involuntary separation of gender dysphoric airmen has not changed, the elevation of decision authority to the director, Air Force Review Boards Agency, ensures the ability to consistently apply the existing policy,” Sitterly said.

According to the statement, if command recommends involuntary separation of an enlisted airman for gender dysphoria or for another reason and the enlisted airman has self-identified as transgender, separation action will be reviewed by the Secretary of the Air Force Personnel Council for recommendation, then to the Air Force Review Boards Agency director for a decision. 

BuzzFeed adds:

In addition to raising the level of commander who can sign off on the discharge of transgender service members, the Air Force announced that discharges based on gender dysphoria — the medical diagnosis that corresponds with seeking treatment for being transgender — would only proceed if a commander also determines that the person’s gender dysphoria “interferes with duty requirements.”

In recent weeks the Army has also taken steps to ease its ban on trans soldiers. A Navy spokesman told the Blade "no changes are in the works" for their branch. 

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News: Chris Pratt, Subway, North West, Josh Duggar, Tiny Frogs

Road Amendment to ensure veterans in same-sex marriages have access to spousal benefits regardless of where they live fails to muster 60 votes in Senate

Road High school friend of the deceased man whose sister says Denny Hastert molested him for years during the 1970s refutes abuse claims. 

PrattRoad Chris Pratt says he couldn't get his D up when he was bigger.

Road North Korean defector opens up about long-held secret: his homosexuality. “There are many homosexuals in North Korea who live a miserable life without even knowing why,” Jang Yeong-jin said. “What a tragedy it is to live a life without knowing who you are.”

Road In Touch rebuts Michele and Jim Bob Duggar's claim that the police records on Josh's molestation case were released unlawfully. 

Road Subway pledges to drop all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from American menus by 2017. 

Road Google will now publicly log every driverless car crash

Road Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to rent out Disneyland for North West's upcoming 2nd birthday.

SingerRoad Bryan Singer shows off the new Cerebro set from X-Men: Apocalypse

Road Walmart announces Greg Penner, founder Sam Walton's grandson-in-law, will serve as the retail chain's new chairman.

Road 2016 GOP candidate and former NY Gov. George Pataki says he hopes to get invited to more gay weddings in the future

Road Jessa Seewalkd and Jill Dillard defend older brother Josh Duggar in interview with Megyn Kelly, say Josh was "in puberty and a little too curious about girls."

Road Happy 35th birthday Draco Malfoy! Sectumsempra!

Road The boys of Entourage play an entertaining game of 'Never Have I Ever' with Ellen. 

Road Why DC's Midnighter is more than just a gay Batman. "The Midnighter was like a proper Batman for adults, a foulmouthed, violent guy who acknowledged that he was probably a sociopath. But like the good kind of sociopath who helps people. Like Dexter. Unlike Dexter, Midnighter’s more your traditional super vigilate, hiding a shock of red hair beneath a mask that looks like Batman’s with the iconic ears shaved off. He also rocks a trench coat–because real heroes don’t wear capes."

Road Bill to remove gender references in Guam's marriage law introduced.

Road The personal info of 4 million federal workers has been compromised by Chinese hackers

FrogRoad Seven new minuscule species of tiny frogs discovered in Brazil's Atlantic rain forest. 

Road The case for replacing "homophobia" with "gaycism." "Gaycism is an obvious play on racism, one of the most pernicious and deeply rooted issues in American life. Both words share the -ism suffix with sexismclassism, and ageism, forming a foul linguistic family of social ills that contrasts sharply with personal foibles like a fear of spiders (arachnophobia) or heights (acrophobia). When you think about it, homophobia feels insufficiently damning, at best."

Road Sarah Palin vomits out a word salad on media's treatment of Duggar family. 

Road Queen Margaery and Lady Gaga have a dinner kiki together

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Twin Cities Archdiocese Charged in Child Sex Abuse Cover-up


St. Paul prosecutors have filed criminal charges against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis over the church's role in "failing to protect children" from predatory priests. 

The New York Times reports:

The charges and accompanying civil petition, announced by the Ramsey County prosecutor, John J. Choi, are a sweeping condemnation of the archdiocese and how its leaders have handled sex abuse allegations.

“Today, we are alleging a disturbing institutional and systemic pattern of behavior committed by the highest levels of leadership of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis over the course of decades,” Mr. Choi said in a statement.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press adds six gross misdemeanor charges have been filed against the archdiocese, but not against any individuals.

Last August, we reported John Nienstedt (pictured), the virulently anti-gay Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, had refused to resign despite allegations of sexual misconduct and a cover-up of child sex abuse.

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