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ATLANTA: Fire chief suspended for anti-gay remarks in book.
WATCH: YouTube stars discuss coming out for screaming crowd. 
JOHN OLIVER: Shares his thoughts on the presidential turkey pardoning. 
SWEAT IT OUT: 5 calorie-burning Thanksgiving exercises. 



Openly Gay Australian Athlete Simon Dunn Will Turn You Into a Bobsled Fan in No Time: PHOTOS


Australian Bobsledder Simon Dunn recently announced he's gay and is the first person in the sport to come out reports Same Same.

Currently Dunn's role on the Aussie team is brakemen for fellow teammate Lucas Mata who was the brakemen for Heathe Spence at the Sochi Olympics. Dunn also plays rugby for the Sydney Convicts, and says it was an easy crossover sport into bobsledding as training for both of them require similar exercises.

Dunn2Said Dunn:

"I was approached by a member of the Australian team through my rugby club in Calgary. Rugby is an easy crossover sport to bobsleigh, as the training is similar and the main idea is to run hard and fast.

"My years playing rugby for the Sydney Convicts in Sydney definitely helped my conditioning to be ready for the sport."

Dunn competed in the North America Cup in Utah this month, competing against other teams from around the world; many of them past olympians. Dunn is competing in upcoming competitions in Calgary, Lake Placid and Park City.

Dunn is also quite active on Instagram, posting some sexy shots of him playing rugby, showing off his guns and numerous shirtless pictures. Need further convincing on whether to follow him or not? He's also single, posts pictures of himself with puppies and is apparently great with children. Maybe it's the season, but it looks like winter athletes really know how to turn up the heat


Two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Thousands Register To Vote Ahead Of Irish Referendum On Same-Sex Marriage - VIDEO


Following a drive supported by Colin Farrell, comedian and television presenter Dara Ó Briain and Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny, thousands of people have registered to vote in Ireland ahead of the country’s expected referendum on same-sex marriage, reports Pink News.

Yes Equality, a joint effort by various groups, was set up to encourage young and disenfranchised people to register to vote amid fears that voter apathy and vocal religious groups could combine to see the referendum - expected in early 2015 - rejected.

A campaign by the Union of Students in Ireland estimated that an extra 20,000 students have since registered to vote.

Although the deadline for registration passed on Tuesday, there will be another chance to register for the referendum nearer the time.

Tiernan Brady of Yes Equality said:

Brady“The response from people right across the country has been amazing. Tens of thousands have registered to vote and thousands more have joined Yes Equality. The positive reaction bodes well for turnout at the upcoming referendum on civil marriage equality in 2015.

“But registering to vote is only the first step. Next year will be a once-in-a-generation moment. The critical decisions about our futures are made by those who not only are registered, but who make their voices heard on polling day.

“There will be a further opportunity to register to vote once the date of the referendum is called.

“Between now and then, it is up to the tens of thousands of people energised by our voter initiative to begin the conversation with friends, families and loved ones as to why making their voices heard on polling day is so important.”

Watch BeLonG To's "It's In Your Hands" voter registration ad, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Face Off in Epic Spaghetti Eating Contest: VIDEO


As you heat up your (hopefully delicious) Thanksgiving leftovers, see if you can predict which of these two dogs will emerge victorious in this epic spaghetti eating contest.

It's an old video, but a good one. 


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ACLU Revises Challenge to Kansas Gay Marriage Ban


The American Civil Liberties Union has updated its challenge to Kansas’s ban on same sex marriage to prevent the state from ignoring marriages performed in and out of state. The revised lawsuit is looking to require the state to extend insurance and taxes benefits to gay and lesbian married couples as well as allow them to legally change their names on identification to reflect their unions. The original suit was filed on the behalf of a single lesbian couple who were not granted marriage licenses in two different counties. The suit now adds an additional three couples agitating to have their marriages recognized.

Previously, Kansas governor Sam Brownback publicly asserted his refusal to grant gay couples the same marital benefits afforded to their straight counterparts.

"We are very disappointed the state has continued to play this obstruction game," said ACLU attorney Doug Bonney. "The time is here to recognize the marriages as valid and lawful just like any other marriage.”

Secretary of the Kansas Department of Revenue, Nick Jordan; director of the division of Vehicles, Lisa Kaspar; and director of the State Employee Health Plan have been added as defendants following the ACLU’s new revision. According to the lawsuit the each of the newly added defendants represents a Kansas agency responsible for discriminating against same sex married couples.

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Pat Robertson's Thanksgiving Warning: Stop Gay Rights Or Risk America's 'Destruction' - VIDEO


Pat Robertson had a very special Thanksgiving message for us all - and, as always, it contained his signature nuttiness about End Times, our "Christian" nation, and the threat of "aberrant lifestyles."


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10 Ways Facebook Creeps All Up In Your Private Business: VIDEO


Did you know Facebook can collect information on you based on which wireless network you connect to? Or that it can predict your sexual orientation? Although, to be fair, if your "like" section has pages like "Tom Daley", "RuPaul's Drag Race", and "The Official Donna Summer," it probably doesn't take a shady data mining company to figure out you might just be gay.

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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