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GOOD WILL HUNTING: The gay sex scene cut from the script. 
GAY INC: Slammed for not providing $$$ to gay marriage cases
WATCH: Abused orangutan experiences affection for the first time
MUSIC VIDEO: Gay Italian love story will awaken your inner Romeo
ANALYSIS: Marriage at the Supreme Court 2.0 - The Cases. 



A Beefcake Bedtime Story Reading to Help Soothe Your Saturday Night: VIDEO


Spending your Saturday night in? Have these gorgeous hunks read you an internet-inspired bedtime story, but be warned - you might be more horny than sleepy by the end of the video.



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Gay Man Shares the Story of His 46-Year-Long Polyamorous Relationship: VIDEO


Meet Bob, a gay man who spent most of his adult life in a polyamorous relationship. In the video below, Bob recounts the story of how he met his long-term partners Don and Keith.

In San Francisco, October 1966, Bob met his lover Don at a bar, using a timelessly classy pick-up line. Bob remembers approaching Don, who was from Long Island, saying: "Oh my god, it's a real live New Yorker...How would you like to take a real live actress home and f--k huh?" The rest is history.

46In 1971, Bob and Don met Keith, who was in the navy. The three decided to try a threesome, and 43 years later, the men were still together. Says Bob: "it sounds strange to other people, but we didn't do it for other people, we did it for ourselves." They all cooked, Bob cleaned, Keith did dishes. For hobbies, the men danced, went to clubs, bowled, and traveled.

2 years ago, Don died from cancer. Bob and Keith remain together; they're now married. Bob adds he would not have made it through Don's death without Keith. 

Check out the video, and hear the story in Bob's own words AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Iconography: Going Gaga


If there’s a blueprint for the post-modern gay icon, it has got to be Lady Gaga. Arguably the biggest star of the last decade, Gaga’s bold, provocative take on pop culture may have yielded wildly divergent incarnations (and at times uneven artistic results), but one consistent element has been her steadfast support of the LGBT community.

It’s a relationship that goes back to Gaga’s start. After dropping out of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts’ Collaborative Arts Project 21, she immersed herself in New York City’s downtown art scene. She began cultivating a rabid gay following, which she continues to embrace. As she described to MTV, “The turning point for me was the gay community,” she said. “I’ve got so many gay fans and they’re so loyal to me and they really lifted me up. They’ll always stand by me and I’ll always stand by them.”

And she has. Since rocketing to superstardom in 2008, Gaga has been committed to advocating for LGBT causes. She’s advocated to end discrimination in Russia, to boycott the Sochi Olympics and for marriage equality. She rallied her massive fan base to mobilize for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, even going so far as to bring gay servicemen and women as her escort to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. She’s appeared at marches, rallies and galas. She even dissolved a partnership with Target due to the company’s record of supporting some anti-LGBT candidates and organizations.

Then there’s the overall celebration of individuality and otherness that permeates her music. From her otherworldly fashion sense to her oft-professed love for her ‘Little Monsters,’ Gaga has been a champion for young people who may feel persecuted for being different. In 2012, she launched the Born This Way Foundation, which aims to empower young people.

That’s just the beginning. Take a look at just a few of our many favorite Gaga moments, AFTER THE JUMP

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Canadian School Under Fire for Hiding Student Mural of 2 Boys Kissing After Complaints Surface


Students at Onoway Jr/Sr High School in Edmonton, Alberta are pushing back against an administrative decision to cover up one student's mural depicting two boys kissing, CBC reports:

"At the time we should have put more thought into the bigger picture," said principal James Trodden.

"There are a bunch of issues … What is appropriate? Should it be in a school, should you allow kissing?" he asked.

"Should you allow same sex couples to have a picture of kissing?"

The mural was hidden from view with a bulletin board, but students angry with the censorship removed the board Thursday. The mural is uncovered for now and the principal has said he hasn't yet decided if it will stay up when classes resume Monday. 

On Friday, a Facebook group entitled "Petition for OHS painting" was created to help build support for 16-year-old Kaela Wilton's mural. 

CTV News reports:

WiltonWilton told CTV Edmonton that when she pitched the concept a few weeks ago, her art teacher and principal gave their approval. Her painting, which features two men embracing and exchanging a kiss, was inspired by her desire to deliver a positive message about gay rights.

"I wanted to do something controversial," she said.

"Gay rights are something I've always felt strongly about," she added.

The school has a long tradition of allowing art students to empress themselves on school walls.

Wilton is in the process of creating a cover up for the mural in case it is censored permanently. She added:

"I want the comfortable to feel uncomfortable and the uncomfortable to feel comfortable."

Watch a CTV report on the story here

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Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unresponsive in Bathtub, Reportedly In ICU


Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found in unresponsive in a bathtub in her Georgia home Saturday, NBC reports:

Brown's husband, Nick Gordon, and a friend found her in the tub in the morning and started CPR, the Roswell Police Department said in a statement. Police and rescue personnel arrived at the home at 10:25 a.m. and performed "life-saving measures" before Brown, 21, was brought alive to the nearby North Fulton Hospital.

The incident remains under investigation, police said. It comes less than two weeks before the third anniversary of Houston's death. The Grammy-winning singer was found submerged in a bathtub in a Beverly Hills, California, hotel on Feb. 11, 2012. 

TMZ adds doctors have stabilized her breathing and that she is in ICU.

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Country Star Billy Gilman on Coming Out: 'I'm Not Gonna Lie. I Was Pretty Scared' — VIDEO


Out country singer Billy Gilman made an appearance this week at the opening of West Hollywood's Flaming Saddles, the city's first country-western bar, and spoke with PerezTV about the reactions he received after coming out of the closet last November:

"It was overwhelming. What really threw me back were the emails we got by the droves of young people in middle America, kind of nervous at finding their own voice because it's so conservative saying 'oh thank you we have a voice to guide us.' It just really took me back. The response has been unbelievable which I'm very grateful for, because it's important."

Gilman also talked about what spurred him to come out:

"I met my partner and my best friend and it just wasn't necessary for it to be hidden anymore...I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty scared. My parents are very conservative. It was as if nothing happened. Or mattered. Because we come form a place of love. Seeing that situation, I want to provide any kind of solace and respect and drive for any child that doesn't have that situation because there are plenty that don't have what I had...Hopefully I can provide that to other kids and be a voice for them."

Gilman also talked about what he has coming in the way of entertainment for 2015.


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