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I'd like to take this moment to salute the new Vman magazine. I've long been a fan of V, the oversized, "ready-to-wear" publication for the faggy and female fashion set, but this new publication fulfills the promise for men that V did for women.

It's a bit (just a bit) rougher around the edges, smaller yet still oversized in its format, and brings a European perspective to men's style. Elias McConnell, from Gus van Sant's new movie, Elephant, is featured on the premiere issue's cover with the accompanying clever double entendre, "A Star is Born: It's a Boy." Stephen Gan's new offspring is wholeheartedly male and stylish as hell.

I interviewed Gan last October, and we talked about his multi-tasking sensibilities. He is the creative director of Harper's Bazaar, in addition to running V and Visionaire, which is a collectible "couture" publication published in limited editions and in unexpected formats. In short, he has the best job(s) in the whole world. Now that he's doing Vman, I really wonder where he finds the time.

The magazine is brimming with gorgeous men. Is Gan, who is openly gay, finally reaching out to his "family" fan base? I don't think he'd ever be that ghetto-oriented. Last year we talked about Tom Ford's nude ad for YSL fragrance he was running and how it appeared to shock the American advertising world. Gan remained unfazed, and clearly excited by its possibility.

He said, "Some people say, 'That's a gay ad,' and I ask, why's it a gay ad? It's a picture of a naked male model that's geared toward attracting male customers. I think the general public isn't so used to seeing overt male beauty, and that may scare some of them into thinking it's a gay image or a gay picture. I think that we should be able to appreciate beauty in whatever form it comes."

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  1. I whole-heartedly agree with Gan regarding (male) beauty in whatever form it's displayed. The human form, whether it be male or female, deserves to be acknowledged...clothed or unclothed. Shame of one's own body is one the worst "debilitations", in my humble opinion.

    Posted by: Corin | Nov 3, 2003 2:01:40 PM

  2. Like the magazine and Elias is yummy. And I was interested to learn he has had some gay experience-wow!

    Posted by: brent | Nov 4, 2003 1:42:50 PM

  3. He sooOo fuckin' HOT!! man i wish he was a hetero!!!

    Posted by: Seashia | Oct 16, 2004 1:32:17 PM

  4. oh no! please nooo!!!
    gay???!!!! =S
    X.x !!

    Posted by: gladys | Apr 10, 2007 11:08:51 PM

  5. elias, a lo mejor ni sabes español, pero pienso que eres un buen chavo, no solo eres "lindo", sino que pienso que tienes un muy buen sentido del ARTE (tal vez eres el mejor fotógrafo que he visto)
    anyway... your picturs are awesome!! and you are a good photographer*
    and... haha, sorry for the other comment.

    Posted by: gladys | Apr 10, 2007 11:21:47 PM

  6. sorry... "PICTURES"

    Posted by: gladys | Apr 10, 2007 11:24:31 PM

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