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She'd Be An Absolutely Fabulous First Lady


Why do we like Teresa Heinz Kerry so much?

We just realized, perhaps it's because she's channeling our favorite British, Veuve-loving, Harvey Nicks-addicted PR priestess Edina Monsoon. She's got the accent, she speaks her mind, now all she needs is some Lacroix!

Towleroad loves Teresa Heinz Kerry, but seriously, if Jennifer Saunders stepped in, would anyone notice?


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  1. Happy guys... In France, our First Lady looks like the Patsy's Grand-Mother !!

    Posted by: W. | Jul 28, 2004 7:35:46 AM

  2. Ummmmm. I believe it is "EdWina".


    Posted by: tim | Jul 28, 2004 9:02:55 AM

  3. Actually, I thought she was born Edwina, but got rid of the "w" to make her name sound more fashionable. Edina it is.

    Posted by: John | Jul 28, 2004 9:14:57 AM

  4. Guys,
    what are you talking about?
    The resemblance is definitely Anne Murray (sp?) all the way. Look at the nose, the smirk, the hair and the cheekbones.

    Posted by: ruth | Jul 28, 2004 9:28:52 AM

  5. I firmly believe that everyone on earth has a twin somewhere. Wonder if the Secret Service knows?

    Posted by: Mark | Jul 28, 2004 10:02:13 AM

  6. John is right...the "W" was sacrificed in the name of fashion. It's definitely Edina.

    Posted by: PDawg | Jul 28, 2004 10:34:00 AM

  7. OMG! You're absolutely right! BRILLIANT!

    Now with some bleach and quite a bit of teasing of the hair, do you think we can make Elizabeth into Patsy???

    Posted by: Lost Monkey | Jul 28, 2004 10:37:13 AM

  8. I love her. She's got class... like I doubt she'd allow limos adorned with longhorn hood ornaments to be in her motorcade.

    Posted by: chrisafer | Jul 28, 2004 12:13:04 PM

  9. I thought the Fabs drank Bolly, not Veuve. Oh the narcissism of small differences.

    Posted by: rjk | Jul 28, 2004 12:51:49 PM

  10. Teresa is refreshingly honest, has enough money not to care what others think about anything, and hopefully will be a delightful counter to the zombiesque Stepford wife that is the Laura Bush. I lift my glass of Bolly to Teresa, the next first lady...clink! The comparison to Eddy Monsoon, one of my faves, is spot on, except for the falling down part. Do not think Teresa does so much, as the media meatheads would most certainly wet themselves with photo opps galore.

    Posted by: Joyce | Jul 28, 2004 1:48:24 PM

  11. she's no nancy reagan.

    Posted by: the yank | Jul 28, 2004 4:45:14 PM

  12. Have you seen the bucket on elizabeth? She'd never pass as Patsy.

    Posted by: Kevin | Jul 29, 2004 1:42:02 AM

  13. She will be an excelent first Lady! You go girl...

    Posted by: Alek | Jul 29, 2004 5:20:50 AM

  14. Hum .. I think she looks more like -the other- brisish actress Juliet Stevenson!

    Posted by: Marc | Jul 29, 2004 10:55:18 PM

  15. Wait. You mean that top picture isn't the commedian Carrot Top?

    Really it looks just like him.

    And her.

    Posted by: Byron R. | Aug 11, 2004 6:06:37 PM

  16. Wait.

    You mean that first picture is not the commedian Carrot Top?

    You're kidding.

    It sure looks like him. and her. Poor Billion Dollar Frenchboy.

    Posted by: Byron R. | Aug 11, 2004 6:13:01 PM

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