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Oh, the Things That Return To Haunt Us...

Matt_leblanc_spartacus_1 Note to Matt LeBlanc: When setting the record "straight" about certain things that couldn't possibly be true, make sure that you've destroyed evidence that might suggest otherwise, like the '90/'91 edition of the Spartacus Gay Guide on which you appeared as a cover model.

Now I realize that up and coming actors need work, so a simple modeling shoot to make a few extra bucks probably would have seemed like a good idea before the $1 million an episode days came along. However, as the former editor of a national gay publication, I can tell you that even today a great deal of straight male actors (and models) are squeamish about appearing in a homo rag.

So, to appear in one that lists, among other things, locations of cruising spots and gay bathhouses shows either a certain comfort level or a desperate need for cash.

I've always been a huge Matt LeBlanc fan and think he's a great talent, so I'm glad the cash issues finally worked out. As for the comfort level, it appears he's still working on that.

(thanks Ed Graczyk for the scan!)

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  1. I've never understood the appeal of "Friends." I want that era of television dead and buried. Matt LeBlanc is the sexiest one though, I'll give him that.

    Posted by: Gigi Montage | Oct 8, 2004 7:59:28 PM

  2. Please, Miss Gigi, if only we could bury "Friends" (after flogging it a few times, just to make sure). If it turns out Matt really is gay, then he's probably gay like Eddie Murphy, who also seemed to like limo sex (ok, with trannies, but close enough). Personally, I'm against tragically uninteresting people coming out. Yes, Matt may look good compared to the other "Friends," but that's not saying much. Stay in the closet, Matt. Please.

    Posted by: cafegogo | Oct 8, 2004 8:36:14 PM

  3. I agree with the comment written next to the gay guide. I true wish Matt the best in determining those areas which affect his comfort level.

    Posted by: dan | Oct 8, 2004 8:59:07 PM

  4. Matt LeBlanc a great talent???? Sorry, can't go there with you.

    Posted by: HoyaBoy | Oct 8, 2004 9:24:57 PM

  5. all I can do is giggle and giggle and giggle

    Posted by: Patrick | Oct 9, 2004 5:24:34 AM

  6. He was cute back then, wasn't he?

    Posted by: Jess | Oct 9, 2004 10:52:14 AM

  7. What does this mean then?

    Posted by: AnonymousSportsFreak | Oct 9, 2004 3:26:02 PM

  8. Matt LeBlanc gay?..Who cares..Either way he is still a very boring limited actor.

    Posted by: SusanLaughing | Oct 9, 2004 3:29:10 PM

  9. Didn't we all hear the stories that Matt was living with a long term boyfriend in one house and adjoining it next door was his faux-wife?

    Posted by: Victoria | Oct 9, 2004 7:51:11 PM

  10. Matt is worth more than $200,000 ..He doesn't care, and I certainly wouldn't care if anyone thought I was gay with that money in my bank account. In fact, I would even become gay for that money...or at least suck a penis. Anyone up for it? Although... I would miss the vagina.

    Posted by: Sean | Oct 9, 2004 9:59:33 PM

  11. I could care less if Matt is or isn’t gay. It’s solely his business. I’m gay, and that is no one’s business but my own. What is the thrill with outing public people? Everyone should worry more about themselves and leave the lives of others alone. The witch hunt to out public people as gay can, and probably will, do more harm than if people are left to come out at their own time and pace. Our infatuations with actors and sports figures, who we might hope to be gay only cause we lust after them, does us no credit, and ultimately dissuades those that really are gay from coming out because the revelation ends their careers.

    Posted by: Roger | Oct 10, 2004 1:36:49 PM

  12. Tom Cruise has practically made a career out of publicly defending his heterosexuality. If he had said it's no big deal a long time ago when the first accusations surfaced, rumors might still persist. Yet his ability to constantly draw attention to them is bewildering to me, and LeBlanc appears to be following his lead.

    Outing people will always be a controversial topic, and I don't believe celebrities should be outed as a kind of public sport. However, many of them seem to have a talent for doing it to themselves, and I don't have any qualms about commenting when they put it out there.

    Politicians, on the other hand, have the power to change the lives of millions of people. When they are behaving hypocritically and voting against the basic civil liberties of gays and lesbians, I believe people have every right to out them.

    Posted by: andy | Oct 10, 2004 1:54:54 PM

  13. being gay is certainly more interesting than that movie he did with the fake monkey. now i can literaly say he sucks.

    Posted by: chuck | Oct 11, 2004 3:20:23 AM

  14. Typical homophobe str8 guy thing-pose for a gay mag just for the $$$, then vehemtly deny possibly EVER having sex with a expected

    Thanks for making 'being gay' sucha crime...

    Posted by: drew | Oct 11, 2004 7:16:49 PM

  15. The link to at the end of the post isn't working. Just to let you know

    Posted by: veado_oh_deer | Oct 11, 2004 8:18:06 PM

  16. The greatest site in the world and they are pro-gay-nes. Anways, check it out. Free downloads and much much more. WWW.dandougshow.COM

    Posted by: Friend | Oct 12, 2004 2:09:29 AM

  17. Just a few comments; LeBlanc is an actor? He is handsome? He is an interesting person? If he is straight he is even more boring than he looks now.
    He is the new Rock Hudson - we must ostracise these people. They do not deserve the right to associate with pure gay persons. Their sickening denials merely pollute the ideal of gayness and the beauty of love between same sex persons.
    Should they be outed?Oh yes, as hypocrites, and publicity monsters with no conscience. The hordes of gay compadres dying even now from Aids and hepatitis deserve our compassion love and most importantly, funding. Scum such as Matt LeBlanc, gay icon (!), should be fund raising for the suffering mass of honest males who are unafraid to talk of their love.
    Boycott his work until he pledges a good percentage of his net earnings to gay charities.

    Posted by: Zac | Jan 15, 2005 12:30:34 PM

  18. matt leblanc is a sexy beast and i'd do anything to spend a night with him!!!!!!!

    Posted by: michelle | Jul 3, 2005 6:22:18 PM

  19. I strongly object to you calling 'Spartacus International Gay Guide' a "gay rag." This guide is an excellent high-quality and comprehensive to the world for gays and lesbians, the bible of gay travel. It is published in Germany, has a different spin on the gay scene (or lack of) in all countries, and there is nothing else like it out there. Please change that phrase. When referring to Spartacus, I would put "gay publication". Otherwise, enjoyed your site

    Posted by: Heiko | Sep 8, 2005 10:25:14 PM

  20. Do you have confirmation that the photo was taken specifically for the magazine and he knew about it? It's quite likely that Spartacus just needed a stock photo of a pretty boy, and LeBlanc's was the photo they picked out of hundreds from a stock photo catalog. I shoot stock photos myself and models are basically signing away their rights to how the photo is used, a normal business paractice.

    Posted by: Joe Tresh | Sep 28, 2005 1:04:49 PM

  21. Matt L. Sued the publication. He won the suit and the company was forced to remove his copies from the shelves.

    If you have one I am sure it is a collectors item.

    He stated that he was not informed as to how the picture was being used.

    Posted by: Guest | Mar 31, 2006 2:32:26 AM

  22. I remember that cover because he did a ketchup commercial that was running at the same time and I recognized him from the commercial.

    Posted by: abbbba | Jun 16, 2006 4:30:18 PM

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