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Dreier: Gay & Ashamed

Hustler magazine will publish a blistering expose on closeted California Republican David Dreier in an issue that hits newsstands Friday. Blue Lemur reports that the article, “CONGRESSMAN DAVID DREIER: GAY & ASHAMED,” offers a handful of new details not previously reported, including a charge that high-level California Republicans have been aware of (and sanctioned) Dreier’s gay lifestyle for many years."

Images_1A couple of excerpts have appeared at BlogActive:

"Speculation began to spread, the sort that even a steady stream of party-arranged, photo-op female arm candy couldn’t deflect. Dreier never grew a beard, but word was he often had a pretty one on his arm."

A longtime Democratic adviser with numerous campaigns under his belt, [Randy] Economy said Dreier’s gay life is valid for discussion, since public policy that affects millions of people is at stake. “I know the pain that people go through in this process here,” Economy said. “But [Dreier] has got to deal with this stuff because now he is [advocating] positions against the community and against himself, and it’s not right. His lover is benefiting from it; therefore he’s benefiting from it, and that’s just not fair and possibly not legal.”

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  1. This reminds me of the Boston Magazine expose of high ranking Republican strategist Arthur Finkelstein. Referred to by his opponents as, "The Godfather of dirty politics", Finkelstein was a consultant to Presidents Nixon and Reagan.

    An October 1996 Boston Magazine story on Mr. Finkelstein "outed" him as living with his gay partner on the North Shore of Boston, where they share custody of two adopted children.

    In the article ("The Secret Life of Arthur J. Finkelstein") journalist Stephen Rodrick reported: "He has become a millionaire by working for politicians whose policies attack a very important and intimate part of his life," Rodrick writes, "Specifically, four of Finkelstein's clients in the Senate - Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Bob Smith of New Hampshire, Don Nickles of Oklahoma and North Carolina's Lauch Faircloth - form the core opposition to nearly all gay issues before Congress."

    In response to the article Finklestein issued a statement: "I keep my private life separate from my business life-something my friends and clients understand, appreciate and respect."

    Such hypocrisy!

    Posted by: Eric | Dec 3, 2004 11:43:39 AM

  2. I doubt if this will make any waves, Ashamed is the way that the fundies think we as gay men ought to feel. I don' t think anyone outside the gay community will care or bother to read it.

    We have to figure out how the fundies see us. With crystal meth use on the rise and recently a self-described "all-american gay male" testified in a court of law that it was not only normal but expected of him to initiate sex with an aroused jogger he met on the street. I'd think that a conservative reader will respect him for being closeted and ashamed.

    After all, he does their bidding, he vote anti-gay on everything.

    Posted by: Jcloud | Dec 3, 2004 3:09:23 PM

  3. One's status as gay does not obligate him to support the gay movement. One who is gay may choose in fact not to support the gay movement, just as someone who is black may choose not to support affirmative action.

    Such decisions are not hypocrisy; they are public policy choices made independently of their possible effects on one's personal, private life.

    People make such decisions for many reasons; the least of which not being that the person believes the category in which society has placed him is unworthy of societal advancement.

    Posted by: SPY | Dec 5, 2004 2:11:54 PM

  4. Sounds like Randy Economy is out to stop the girls from the GOP...

    This is great....Randy Economy is a true leader in the Democratic Party...and Randy Economy tells it like it is...and he smiles the entire time....

    Way to go....


    Posted by: Steve Martins Michaelman | Mar 30, 2005 6:54:02 AM

  5. Randy Economy is a PAID POLITICAL HACK who has worked PAID for numerous Right-Wing Republicans including Bush Warmonger Tim Escobar. Economy was PAID to out Drier by both accusers; Wayne Grisham former Calif Assemblymember and Janice Nelson, Both political challengers of Drier; one Dem, one Rep. Randy Economy is a political whore who just happens to be outing an aleged hypocrite THIS TIME.

    Posted by: Pat Mc Johnson | May 9, 2005 1:45:06 PM

  6. hate to be so blunt, but re: Spy's comments.
    Fuck that! Str8 politicians flaunt their wives and family. They don't get a pass for supporting rt-wing morality while not living the Christian life. I'm so sick of republifags acting like it's not relevant. I don't buy into the all-gay all-good nonsense for a minute..but personal lives ARE 100% part of the equation of politics, and to pretend otherwise is crap. Gay men, like straight men have the right to different opinions. They don't have the right to quietly vote one way, and not acknowledge their life another way.

    Posted by: PSMike | Sep 28, 2005 4:38:08 PM

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