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Self Exposure

Fotolog_1 Fotolog2

Those of you who read this site on a regular basis know that I am slightly obsessed with the Brazilian fotologging phenomenon. Or maybe it's just the Brazilians...

Yeah, this one probably still lives with his parents, but if you're going to accuse me of robbing the cradle then don't click on the link to his extensive fotolog. Oh, go ahead. "Kaikesurf," Brazil's answer to Marky Mark, looks like he wants the attention. Though it also looks like he's getting quite a bit of it from himself. (thanks Brian)

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  1. too much!

    Posted by: matty | Jan 4, 2005 1:07:32 PM

  2. Hot. LOVE Brazilian men.

    Posted by: Adam | Jan 4, 2005 1:28:41 PM

  3. I'm with Adam....those Brazilian men do it for me!

    Posted by: fred | Jan 4, 2005 1:30:37 PM

  4. This guy has 18 pages of photos of himself on the site... and not ONE photo has him smiling. He must look good serious but have a really goofy smile.

    Posted by: Stosine | Jan 4, 2005 1:51:48 PM

  5. yum, yes, but he's no felipe. :)

    Posted by: cafegogo | Jan 4, 2005 1:57:29 PM

  6. I think he must have been watching BRAVO via the satellite and decided to emulate "Maurice".

    No matter.

    I would fuck him in a second. And I would LOVE to have him give me a blowjob in a microsecond.

    Thanks for introducing us to the site, Andy.

    Posted by: Paul | Jan 4, 2005 4:14:16 PM

  7. he reminds me of a very narcissistic, young Kelly Slater. i like the longer hair pics.

    Posted by: bmw | Jan 4, 2005 4:53:00 PM

  8. Now I am obsessed with Fotologs! AND that particular Brazillian boy just made my top list of HOT internet pics. I love him. BTW, check out for, what is in my opinion some very well done Internet porn.

    Posted by: Corey | Jan 4, 2005 5:04:40 PM

  9. I guess you already know this fantastic brazilian website - Terra Boy ;)

    Posted by: Boss | Jan 4, 2005 6:20:25 PM

  10. sorry, the link is incorrect, the correct is this one ;)

    Posted by: Boss | Jan 4, 2005 6:21:33 PM

  11. wow - just found out there's an Argentina version of that site: :)

    Posted by: Boss | Jan 4, 2005 6:23:35 PM

  12. sorry for this flood of comments, but I couldn't forget this one:

    To the the "The Boy" you have to clik "aceito", wich means you agree you're seeing the site knowing there's nudity and that you're legal aged.

    Posted by: Boss | Jan 4, 2005 6:28:22 PM

  13. Kaike is nice guy. He lives near me. Anyone want the adress? lol

    talking about fotologs, i like this one:
    and this one:

    Posted by: Phelipe | Jan 4, 2005 6:34:57 PM

  14. Brazil is a perfect place to live in. Although the international headlines always notice scandals and so on, it is a very pleasent and warm place. Except for especific places, lake Rio. But that also happens with LA, for example. Someone remember the civil ariet?
    The men deserve a special chapter. Those from the fotologs are nice, but too young and most of the time narcissistic. But there are better guys. Wait till you walk on the streets of São Paulo.

    Posted by: Orlando Câmara | Jan 5, 2005 8:39:17 AM

  15. I wish Bruce Weber would hurry up and find him.

    Posted by: Randy | Jan 5, 2005 11:44:27 AM

  16. OK What gives? I can't get not found error. I tried with IE and firefox.
    Sure would like to see these.

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 5, 2005 7:05:12 PM

  17. Ah tá, Orlando. Agora morde o cotovelo de inveja.

    Posted by: R. | Jan 5, 2005 7:18:29 PM

  18. I don't think Marky Mark ever posed like this:

    but I'm rather glad this guy did...

    Posted by: M@ | Jan 10, 2005 4:09:41 PM

  19. Ew. He looks bananas.

    Posted by: matt | Jan 11, 2005 3:23:21 PM

  20. HEYH HUH..
    IM A MEN!..


    Posted by: pussyangle(nickname) | Dec 28, 2007 2:23:34 AM

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