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Jeff Gannon Controversy Continues

Jeff_gannonThe controversy over "fake" news reporter Jeff Gannon continues to blow up today, as Salon, the New York Daily News, CNN, and the Boston Globe pick up the story.

Spokespeople for Harry Reid and former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle have put their $.02 in as well. Reid's spokesman accuses Gannon of mischaracterizing quotes by the Senate Minority Leader and Daschle's aides say that Gannon was in cahoots with John Thune, who defeated Daschle in the recent election. "He and Thune's campaign worked hand in hand," said one former Daschle aide. "This guy became a dumping ground for opposition research."

We've Got Reid's Back; "Gannon" Story Spreads [DailyKos]
Bush's Man-Date? [Towleroad]

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  1. The hubris required to lead one life online and a polar-opposite life in a public role simply boggles my mind

    Posted by: alan | Feb 10, 2005 10:16:27 AM

  2. Just how many fake reporters or paid "correspondents" are out there now? Disgusting.

    Posted by: bmw | Feb 10, 2005 10:19:26 AM

  3. Why doesn't the Valerie Plame connection have people calling for this guy's head? Most likely he was the one who revealed her identity and put her life in danger. At least they should mention that he sucks cock. Homosexuality shouldn't be an issue generally, but the public should know that Conservative Republicans are just as likely to be homos as anyone else. Possibly more so.

    Posted by: Condoleeza Rice | Feb 10, 2005 3:05:52 PM

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