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Hillsborough County Bigotry Infuriates

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Bravo to the LGBT folks and those who oppose discrimination in Tampa who are speaking out about Hillsborough County, Florida's decision to ban the recognition of gay pride. Hundreds crowded a town hall meeting to discuss the issue last night. The furor started when county commissioner Ronda Storms complained about a gay author display at a local library which was taken down last week after the Hillsborough County Commission held a vote to ban the county's recognition of gay pride entirely.

A gay pride march and rally are set for downtown Tampa this weekend.


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    Posted by: david | Jun 21, 2005 2:09:16 PM

  2. Florida - Our nations wang.

    Posted by: Sean | Jun 21, 2005 2:19:09 PM

  3. What is wrong with this state? First Anita Bryant, then dubya... will it end? How can a state with so many homos be so homophobic?

    Posted by: liberal server | Jun 21, 2005 2:59:08 PM

  4. You can tell Tampa's mayor what will happen to their tourism ...

    Posted by: Atomishe | Jun 21, 2005 3:09:14 PM

  5. What does Delta Burke have to do with this?

    Posted by: Ryan | Jun 21, 2005 3:14:51 PM

  6. How can a state with so many homos be so homophobic?

    Two reasons. First, because there are an even greater number of senior citizens who have come to Florida to die, but are trying to maintain their horrible bigoted upbringings as long as they possibly can. And every one of these old bags votes, unlike us homos. (!!)

    Second, Jeb Bush. Enough said.

    Posted by: Ian | Jun 21, 2005 3:45:14 PM

  7. How'd you like to live here? I'm originally from here, 3rd generation, to boot, but far too many people have come here with the sole purpose of stinking the place up, so much so, I'm thinking I'd like to move.

    Posted by: Steve | Jun 21, 2005 5:59:43 PM

  8. Ryan you just made my day! I was thinking Delta Burke, and when I saw your comment I nearly pissed my pants! I'm still laughing!

    Harken's back to Catherine whats-her-name that screwed up the 2000 election...all that damn makeup! What is it with elected officials in Fla??

    Posted by: Wayne | Jun 23, 2005 9:12:33 AM

  9. The library display NOT ONLY had gay authors but info that kids could go to to explore sexuality. Why is it that when the priests get busted for having sex with kids it's always the priests who molest boys? Because they are GAY!!! I Pity a group of people who base there whole existence on their perverted sexual agenda! I notice you ONLY print the comments from fellow gays.

    Posted by: J. S. | Jul 15, 2005 1:27:23 AM

  10. My Partner and I just escaped from Floriduh. We moved there from NYC two years ago. Its like living in a Christian Taliban state. Hate in the name of Jesus.
    At this rate its just a matter of time before Republicans start blowing themselves up on buses.

    Posted by: Jeff | Aug 17, 2005 12:53:21 PM

  11. TO J.S.: What kind of normal person decides to forgoe sexual contact for life? Nobody, that's why preists molest; the priesthood naturally attracts people who are sexually frustrated, because any helahty young man, straight or gay, would never go without sex.

    Posted by: DAVID | Sep 8, 2006 12:23:31 AM

  12. To J.S.:
    The overwhelming majority of child molesters are Heterosexual.
    Knowing that as a fact, I hope that you will join our movement to ban all straight people from taking jobs as teachers and soccer coaches. Can we count on your support?

    Posted by: Patrick Goodnow | Sep 8, 2006 8:58:33 AM

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