road.jpg Antony and the Johnsons' I am a Bird Now wins 2005 Mercury Prize. More on ArjanWrites including an interview with Antony. Album features Rufus Wainwright, Boy George, and Lou Reed.
I Am a Bird Now

See also this long article from the NYT magazine last weekend...

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  1. I was secretly wishing Antony would win...the album is so bittersweet, sad & strange. When I heard it many months ago I immediately connected with it (ie: This Mortal Coil, Diamanda Galas & Rufus W.)

    Hope the Mercury prize gives Antony & The JOhnsons some new audience awareness for this very gay, very strange & very beautifully sounding band.

    Posted by: Mike P | Sep 8, 2005 1:46:53 PM

  2. I love Antony, but I've never heard of this Mercury prize contest. When I looked at the website it stated that it's for English and Irish musicians. I thought Antony was American.

    Posted by: Matt | Sep 8, 2005 3:31:23 PM

  3. Antony was born in England and moved to CA when he was 10. I don't know the specific requirements of the Mercury Prize but he is apparently English enough to qualify.

    The NYT Magazine last week had a very intersting profile on him -- and if you have Rufus' "Want Two" Antony is featured on the last track, Old Whore's Diet.

    Posted by: Peaches | Sep 8, 2005 4:18:26 PM

  4. I can't recommend the CD highly enough. Get it...

    Posted by: Nathaniel R | Sep 9, 2005 8:52:07 AM

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