road.jpg Gay penguins Roy and Silo break up, one goes straight.

road.jpg Vatican to check U.S. seminaries for "evidence of homosexuality" in advance of ruling on gays in the priesthood. "In a possible indication of the ruling's contents, the American archbishop who is supervising the seminary review said last week that 'anyone who has engaged in homosexual activity or has strong homosexual inclinations,' should not be admitted to a seminary. Edwin O'Brien, archbishop for the United States military, told The National Catholic Register that the restriction should apply even to those who have not been sexually active for a decade or more."

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  1. Last time I checked, the Vatican had a significant shortage of priests -- and they want to clear out all the gay ones? The seminaries will be like ghost towns. Good thinking there, Benedict.

    Posted by: Glenn | Sep 15, 2005 10:55:48 AM

  2. They're just trying to get rid of The Gays so they can make room for The Pedophiles.

    Posted by: Wayne | Sep 15, 2005 11:03:27 AM

  3. I heard one of the penguin's real name is Reichen.

    Posted by: Tagg | Sep 15, 2005 11:33:10 AM

  4. So what about those who engage in heterosexual activity or have strong heterosexual inclinations? One assumes this is the majority group in seminaries. And how the hell does this solve the pedo issue, considering the majority of such, throughout society, are het males.

    Posted by: zigfest | Sep 15, 2005 11:44:52 AM

  5. I heard the other penguin's real name is Clay ;)

    Posted by: Wayne | Sep 15, 2005 11:50:48 AM

  6. I did not want to know this about the penquins. They became role models for me. Now what? It is not gay PC to admire Anderson Cooper and now one of the penquins becomes an ex-gay. What am I to do? Sigh

    Posted by: Donald | Sep 15, 2005 12:39:24 PM

  7. I hear that the female penguin's name is Katie.

    Posted by: speck | Sep 15, 2005 12:42:21 PM

  8. Hey, leave Reichen alone! Just because he dates women, makes out with them in public, doesn't mean he's gone straight. He's made that queer, I mean clear. And now he's confirmed on his web site that he and some (male) "professional trainer" from New York have exchanged specially designed rings, though not the gaudy ones they were shilling for the gay jewelry designer. Wish he'd tell us the name of his eBay shop where he sells the specially designed rings from his previous relationships.

    Posted by: Jim | Sep 15, 2005 12:55:29 PM

  9. Oh, poor Silo...

    ...it's just a phase.

    Posted by: Dan | Sep 15, 2005 1:06:39 PM

  10. Wow -- sent off to America to look for homosexuals in the Church. I'm trying to figure out if that is a cushy job because it's like shooting fish in a barrel or an exhausting job because it'll take ages to write out the entire list.

    I am saddened by what our gay brethren who joined the priesthood (however crazy they were to do it) are about to go through -- it is, of course, a witchhunt, comparable to what gays in the military suffer, and for some of them their lives and otherwise exemplary careers will be ruined --not for anything they've done but for who they are.

    I thought Nostradamus had predicted the end of the Catholic Church around now -- and I, for one, am tired of waiting for it. (Though, as noted above, it seem quite possible that banning gay men from the priesthood will actual prove to be the cause.)

    Posted by: Buster | Sep 15, 2005 1:21:30 PM

  11. And now that poor abandoned penguin won't even be able to join the priesthood...

    Posted by: David | Sep 15, 2005 1:52:43 PM

  12. One of the intersting tidbits from "March of the Penguins" is that penguins are monogamous - for a single season.

    I guess they can be gay just for a season too.

    Either way, more evidence that the religious right will cling to selective facts that support their model of how human beings ought to be, instead of seeking the whole complicated messy truth.

    Posted by: alan | Sep 15, 2005 1:54:25 PM

  13. Like the zookeeper in the article, I too am utterly amused that people look to animals as role models for social values... but only if it helps their own cause. No one's trying to imitate the polygamy of lions and tigers or the sexual inhibitions of monkeys.

    Posted by: jase | Sep 15, 2005 2:24:26 PM

  14. This is what I love about this blog- the mixture of social commentary, humour, and somehow penguins as rolemodels...

    Posted by: matt-chicago | Sep 15, 2005 3:21:34 PM

  15. This is what I love about this blog- the mixture of social commentary, humour, and somehow penguins as rolemodels...

    Posted by: matt-chicago | Sep 15, 2005 3:22:05 PM

  16. A witch hunt indeed.

    I was an altar boy as a kid, and it was a highlight of my life. I felt important, part of the community, etc. Moved away from NYC when i was 12 and never felt that sense of belonging again..

    I can easily imagine several of the priests I worked for were gay, in retrospect. They were wonderful to me, and they were there as mentors when my father wasn't. (ie, quite often.)

    Funny- in a big church, it's a lot like show biz- lights, costumes, music, cues, and audience.. lol.

    I hate when it comes up and someone makes a smutty joke-it's automatically asked whether I was molested. (no.)

    They were lovely, humorous, literate men . And in a soc. like ours where macho aggression is revered and male sensitivity shunned, they were examples of another way.

    The RC church is further digging its own grave, though, and the anti-gay policies will ruin it.
    I'm not particularly sorry- extreme homophobia drove me away long ago- but I do have fond memories of those kind men .

    It's a shame that they will have no descendants in spirit, and communities everywhere will be deprived of their gifts, over extreme bigotry from a foreign despot with a Nazi youth past.

    Posted by: Deschanel | Sep 15, 2005 3:37:32 PM

  17. Horrors! Gay Priests to be removed from the Catholic Church? Who else wants to be a priest? I recently met an ex-gay priest. He's gained about 200 lbs since his divorce (which he says was caused by a gay affair), and he's now about 450 lbs of lazy, stupid, guilt-ridden, paranoid blubber. His mother says all he wants to talk about is suicide! I don't doubt it. He couldn't get laid in a monkey whorehouse, even if he carried in a sack of bananas. I can't imagine the poor slob who had the affair with him.

    This, they allow to be a priest! He doesn't really believe the teachings of the Church. Who does? This poor bastard is only celibate because he hates himself for being gay, he hates himself for being fat, and he's just too damn ugly to get a piece of ass from a dead man. I can't imagine how he could minister to the needs of another human being, much less to an entire congregation.

    Unless there are major changes, we may well live to see the end of the Catholic Church. Better stock up on those holy wafers.

    Posted by: Jay Croce | Sep 15, 2005 7:04:01 PM

  18. Well, Jay, I'm sure convinced. You sound like a such an empathetic soul, it's a wonder YOU haven't been snapped up to minister to the lost and lonely of the world!

    Your ability to zero right in on the critical importance of physical sexual attractiveness to a person's fundamental value as a human being certainly earns you my vote as the shallow bitter arbiter of soulfulness. You're a happy hearth of zen love, you are, and I'm sure we are all warmed by the fire of your compassion.

    Posted by: Buster | Sep 15, 2005 8:43:52 PM

  19. LOL, Buster. Can you say "pity fuck".

    How many ugly, 450 lb. priests did you sleep with this week?

    The point, which you obviously missed, is that the Catholic Church doesn't seem terribly selective about who they hire. It seems that they would rather hire a straight loser, drowning in his own problems, than a devoted and compassionate Gay man.

    If it's more important to the Church to hire "Non-Gay" priests than it is to hire "Qualified" priests, they are in deep trouble.

    Posted by: Jay Croce | Sep 15, 2005 8:58:35 PM

  20. The roman cultists are backward, superstitious, retrograde neo (or maybe not so neo) fascists. Just ask Ratzinger, who wears those funny gowns, why he hates us so, and why he hates union organizers, socialists, feminists, scientists, and everyone else who rejects being guided by superstition and abject ignorance?
    For a time, and in many societies, gay men were forced into the priesthood, but once there often adapted to the brutal and corrupt practices that characterize the roman cult. (They used to burn the rest of us for sport, but now settle for alliances with the worst humankind has to offer; they collaborated with Hitler and Mussolini, supported the Confederacy and Franco, and now are great friends of Bush.)
    Now of course, we have better things to do with our lives, and truthfully, altar boy butt is a poor substitute for the real thing. (Who could disagree with the idea that raping boys and girls should be punished? Only a bishop.) Our
    liberation from ignorance and superstition explains the decline of the priesthood, and soon the only ones joining it will be a few loony heteros and the most closeted of the closeted. The roman cult is facing further precipitous decline, and we can only applaud. Good Riddance!

    Posted by: Bill Perdue | Sep 16, 2005 3:40:18 AM

  21. The Vatican has examined the falling attendance of its church and it proposes a global rodeo to round up gay priests in an attempt to assure their parishioners? The media pointed out the fact that one of their most prolific child molesters, transferred to the Vatican from the U.S., presided over a mass that was televised globally while Pope John Paul lay in state. The problem is not the "gay clergy", as informed people know for the most part that gay men are not pedophiles. Priests who sexually assault children of both sexes are the pedophiles and they are the problem. How does the church explain the difference to its parishioners? If they rounded up all of the gay priests the church would cease to function as it is already short qualified theologians wanting to enter the priesthood. The Catholic Church does serve a purpose in many people's lives. The church simply waited too long to begin cleaning up its act, especially in the United States. It will be interesting to see if the church call pull itself out of the downward spiral.

    Posted by: Johnny Lane | Sep 19, 2005 10:28:39 AM

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