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Gay-Straight Alliances inspiring "Deadly Chaos"

School's back in session and the controversies over gay-straight alliances have begun anew.

A group of students at Newsome High School in Florida haven't even formed a gay-straight alliance, yet discussions about it have already created enough resistance to generate press. I wish them luck. The school's in Hillsborough County, which, as you know, just loves the gays to death.

GaystraightallianceSixteen-year-old Michelle Fee is leading the charge at Pedro Menendez High School. Her principal Bob Allten is open to the idea but wants to call it a "tolerance club" for fear of backlash. Reverend Ruth Jensen, pastor at First Coast Metropolitan Community Church is sponsoring the formation of the gay-straight alliance at Pedro Menendez and nearby St. Augustine High School. She responded, "If you're afraid of backlash that only shows you need one of these groups. I think these principals are suffering from the delusion that there's no discrimination going on."

A newly formed gay-straight alliance at Madison County High School in Georgia has inspired fierce controversy in the community, and a strongly worded letter from a bigot citizen named Dee Lee to the Main Street News: "The cost to the individual and to society is too enormous for us to allow our children to in anyway believe it is O.K. for them to dabble and experiment in this kind of behavior. It is deadly dangerous. Our elected officials, educators and citizens of Madison County must stand up to whoever is behind the scenes creating this kind of deadly chaos in our county."

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  1. fuck bigots...I don't have time for them.

    Posted by: Roy | Sep 15, 2005 1:52:15 PM

  2. "It is deadly dangerous."

    I agree. Especially when bigots don't let others live in peace.

    Posted by: jase | Sep 15, 2005 2:08:25 PM

  3. Okay. I'm speaking as an Atlantan here, note.. NOT a Georgian.. as an Atlantan. I truly feel for anyone who is outside of the confines of the perimeter in our state.. truly there are some frightening folks out there.

    Look at her quote....she knows nothing about our community, our issues except what she has mindlessly nodded her head to in church which of course is just more bigotry spouted from ignorance and hatred handed down ever since time began on this planet.

    Where's the Gay Malcolm X when we need him?

    Posted by: Darren | Sep 15, 2005 2:32:13 PM

  4. My old high school had a straight a gay alliance named "SAGA" if I recall.

    There was no fuss over it, and as far as I know it was in action long before I ever reached high school to begin with.

    It never was the most popular club but they had a faculty sponsor as well as some other stuff avaiable.

    Why do these people make such a big deal out of something??? Sheesh

    Posted by: Jason | Sep 15, 2005 3:33:13 PM

  5. THIS is the issue--gay youth, not just GSAs specifically--that our self-important, highly paid "gay leaders" should be dealing with. GLSEN is, of course, and Lambda Legal gets involved reactively, but all should be involved proactively, just like the Right Wing groups are. I'm happy for Jason's unique experience, but the opposite pattern seems to persist, and even be getting worse, in most places as the blood the Right Wing tasted in the November election and with victories since then has only emboldened them more. The principal stalls or outright denies permission; the flying blue monkeys descend, and, often, they realize their only way to stop it is to ban ALL clubs. Round and round it goes until, in smaller communities, the student organizers graduate and the sponsors get burned out. This happened in Boyd County Tennessee where, even after losing in court, the school dragged its feet and allowed students to boycott the court mandated antiharassment training. Last I read, the ACLU had asked the judge to reopen the case. It's an instance that also involves a far more serious issue, IMHO, than GSAs--the assaults, pun intended, onBut worse than opposing the GSAs, on such programs by people claiming in effect, as a countersuit has in Tenn., that they violate the harassers' religious freedom.

    Posted by: Leland | Sep 15, 2005 4:28:30 PM

  6. I live in St Augustine, and the mindset of people around here are not as open as south Florida. I graduated St. Augustine High in 2004, first year of college, my college Flagler (which is in St Auggy) wanted to make a gay-straight alliance. It was shot down because of fear of what the community would think. St Augustine is a very retiree type community. To have a GSA in the highschools would probably give those old geezers a heart attack.... will anyone think of the children?

    Posted by: Chuck | Sep 15, 2005 4:28:45 PM

  7. Deadly Mayhem? Being gay causes deadly mayhem. Them bigots iz geittin' maghti much brigtly these-um days here. Purty sune, they is gonna bein jast like-um them collage tipes down-um way in Myami!"

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Sep 15, 2005 5:53:29 PM

  8. Hi Leland,

    I agree that gay organizations should become more active in the school systems and with gay youth. Unfortunately the stigma attached to "gay" almost always equals sex (in str8 peoples minds) and so many gay adults are resistant to come into any contact with a minor.

    On a local level we all need to remind our loved ones and friends who don't quite 'get it' that being gay has very little to do with sex! It has to do with a feeling of profound difference developing during a time when it's not okay to be different. It has to do with having very limited options as far as any kind of romantic relationships or even friends. This is a very isolated time for gay youth which unfortunately extends way into adulthood for some. Teachers and school staff need to understand how important it is to reach out to these kids so that we do not lose any more gay lives to suicide. I see these kids who are gay developing a sense of hopelessness already; what can we do about it as staff or community? Nine times out of ten you are up against a brick wall when it comes to parents and or administration.

    We also need to really be careful when we state that younger people are becoming more tolerant of gay and lesbian people. This has not been my experience as an educator. If anything, I have seen more hostility now than I saw 10 years ago. Young people, particularly boys, are very angry about their lives and futures...usually the ones who have no chance at succeeding in college and will pretty much be stuck with crappy jobs. They already know this is their future. They lash out at those who do well and work hard. Many of those who get lashed out on are gay. The idea that younger people are more tolerant of gays might be the case at the University level in large costal cities, but that is certainly not the case at schools in Anytown, USA. We have a long ways to go yet.

    Posted by: Jeffery C | Sep 16, 2005 5:31:24 PM

  9. We had to get a pettion to get a gay and lesbian club in our school because our principle is a fucking biggot. The process to get this club is so fucking crazy. Damn the scool systems

    Posted by: Colin | Sep 17, 2005 5:45:01 PM

  10. Omg! Things like this are great for everyone. We cannot let people be forced to like boys or girls and if you are gay then thats great and i completely support you. We desperetly need things like GAY-STRAIGHT-ALLIANCES so that we are not pressured and can feel accepted. HONESTLY FOLKS, ITS OKAY TO BE GAY!!! =)

    Posted by: Eric | Nov 5, 2008 2:56:39 PM

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