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I'm not really much of a fan of his new urban sound or his first single "I Don't Care" (actually, "I don't care" about most of his singles) but this cover won't be hurting sales.

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  1. Highly agree... He does look hot.

    Posted by: Senhor Made In Brazil | Sep 14, 2005 4:57:35 PM

  2. He's a hottie, no doubt. I wouldn't kick him out of bed...

    Posted by: Robert In WeHo | Sep 14, 2005 5:30:33 PM

  3. I don't know, this cover sort of looks like the typical "has-been" cover on a "Best of" CD. Not really a great image, almost bordering on bad photography with the blow out over the shoulder into the background when you try to contrast a bad picture in Photoshop. It actually looks like an amateur designed the entire cover.

    He is still attractive, though, so I give him that.

    Posted by: Patrick | Sep 14, 2005 8:17:36 PM

  4. !que guapo.

    Posted by: dan | Sep 14, 2005 8:37:49 PM

  5. That's yummy!

    Posted by: Jess | Sep 14, 2005 8:44:55 PM

  6. not particularly attracted to him, but i wouldn't kick him out of bed. :-)

    i haven't heard the single. he's got some corny English songs, however. alot of his spanish language aren't as corny.

    Posted by: Derrick | Sep 14, 2005 10:15:48 PM

  7. yes, it's time for another "holy crap"

    Posted by: CriticalRN | Sep 14, 2005 11:25:04 PM

  8. Viva la scruff.

    Posted by: jimbo | Sep 15, 2005 11:53:09 AM

  9. Uh, Patrick? Man, have you seen your website?

    Posted by: Billy | Sep 15, 2005 2:57:50 PM

  10. Que papi!
    Can't wait to get his 8th CD!
    I love Ricky!!!!!

    Posted by: Sandie | Sep 15, 2005 7:24:50 PM

  11. ohh........ ricky is soooooo damn hot......he looks soo sexy:D

    Posted by: mia | Sep 28, 2005 2:14:16 PM

  12. the pic on the cover of the cd does nothing for ricky's beauty. OMG where have I been hiding? It's december '06 and I just now watched some CBS news videos of Ricky doing I Don't Care, It's Alright, and Cup of Life. He looks so goddamn beautiful when he smiles and speaks. He really is like some kind of PAN figure, pan being the magical goat-man of greek mythology who lives in the wild forest and plays music that makes people dance and go sex-crazy. You know? Drink OUZO with Pan and dance the night away, possessed by the magic of the moon. And he has both men and women around him, and they're all attracted to him, and he handles it all with grace and confidence...that "look" he came out with, when he went on tour in early 06, that is the look I love best of all the looks-periods he has gone through. OK, so his pointy rooster-comb hairstyle looks like a hershey's kiss on top of his the song says, "I Don't Care" I just wanna smoke a joint with Ricky and laugh until we can't breathe! He looks better, different, more of a REAL GUY look than his former incarnations. More relaxed, less insane, and also a good balance of gay and straight sex appeal. It's a good gay look, but also a good straight look. Not too much gay fashionista, but not just grungey-lookin either. Very clear and bright. I saw his show in January but I couldn't really enjoy it, too many screaming fans. I hate hysteria, it seems very rude to me. Also, it's the kind of "love" that is overbearing. Like, "If you LOVE me, then shut the fuck UP!" It just made me irritable. I felt I had wasted time and money coming to hear several thousand bitches screaming their big-hair heads off. So it sorta passed right over me, like I never went. I don't know why, but I never surfed into any of these videos, and the CD cover did not look as beautiful as he really is. I swear, the guy must have surpassed princess diana in number of photos taken, and he just keeps getting better!

    Posted by: Ghetto Martha Stewart | Dec 8, 2006 11:15:29 PM

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