road.jpg Bidding war for Anderson Cooper memoir takes bounty over $1 million.

Paulandscottroad.jpg Jessica Alba says her Into the Blue co-stars Paul Walker and Scott Caan were "very competitive about everything" during filming, developing a fraternal bond that came across in some of the scenes: "There was actually this one sequence that, I hope it makes it to the DVD, but it didn’t make it to the movie. Obviously, it’s so homoerotic. It was like Scott and Paul doing this swim, and then they kind of like did it on top of each other. And they’re underwater and they have this really pretty music and stuff. It was very funny. So I had to tease them about that."

road.jpg Real World Key West tanning salon to be located at the Pineapple Gallery on Duval Street.

road.jpg "Fight the real enemy," she famously proclaimed on Saturday Night Live, tearing apart a photo of Pope John Paul II. Now Sinead O'Connor has spoken out against anti-gay religious leaders: "There are people who say they represent Christ but actually they preach against love, which is blasphemous as far as I'm concerned. The teaching against homosexuality is blasphemy. God created gay people, so who is anyone else to say you should not be gay?"

road.jpg If you've ever been out in West Hollywood, you've seen the women selling roses. If you've spent any length of time, you know she's the kingpin. Rrrrrosas???? (via perez hilton)

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  1. Jesus H. Christ! I am certainly awake now, Andy! Maybe I should have checked my volume before I clicked on that...

    Posted by: Hank | Oct 4, 2005 11:08:13 AM

  2. Is Scott Caan really holding Paul Walker's thigh?? Or am I just hopped up on Diet Coke this morning. wow.

    Posted by: hoyaboy | Oct 4, 2005 11:27:45 AM

  3. Funny how time can change things. At the time of O'Connor's shredding of the Pope's phot, people were outraged and her explanation of abuse by the Church didn't resonate with many. Fast forward 13 years, after the priest scandals, after "The Magdalene Sisters" and ya know what? Sinead was kinda right.

    Good for her. Its time we all quit treating her like a pariah.

    Posted by: Ed | Oct 4, 2005 11:27:57 AM

  4. Yes he's touching the thigh - but that's an internet-created photo montage. They didn't pose that way unfortunately. But one can dream.

    Posted by: andy | Oct 4, 2005 11:30:42 AM

  5. I'd say Scott is caressing Paul's thigh, not just holding on to it...yep, that's my story and I'm sticking it to it ;)

    Posted by: Wayne | Oct 4, 2005 11:30:53 AM

  6. Okay, I did a google of Paul and Scott, and there's a YAHOO site with pics of the cast of their new movie. One of the pics is exactly like the one above, except it's a girl instead of Paul Walker...Scott's hand is in the exact same location on her thigh. I'm thinking some hopeful created this pick and substituted Paul for the female model...oh well, it was a nice thought.

    Posted by: Wayne | Oct 4, 2005 11:52:37 AM

  7. Loved Scott Caan ever since he bared his lovely behind in Varsity Blues--oh, also he can really act, which helps.

    Posted by: Doug | Oct 4, 2005 12:45:15 PM

  8. ...there were gay rumors buzzin' around the internet about Scott Caan, right around the time he did Varsity Blues. Something to do with a gay bar brawl or something...anyone remember that? He looks great!

    Posted by: jason | Oct 4, 2005 12:45:58 PM

  9. Not surprising as I have it on VERY good evidence that mr. walker swims for our team.

    Posted by: PHDinNYC4Dems | Oct 4, 2005 1:01:30 PM

  10. sinead o'connor is going to the media, commenting on whatever just to attract some attention to her new album and tour, and these guys don't even mention them. shame on them!

    Posted by: borut | Oct 4, 2005 1:29:58 PM

  11. Paul Walker has to be about the hottest thing going in Hollywood right now, and I've had a crush on Scott Caan ever since that silly wrestling movie, in which he starred with David Arquette and Oliver Platt. Thanks for turning my afternoon bad mood around, Andy.

    Posted by: Joey | Oct 4, 2005 1:58:05 PM

  12. So.... All hot actors are gay?

    Posted by: Donald | Oct 4, 2005 4:05:57 PM

  13. Donald, YES, you didn't already know that? And it's not just hot actors...it's anyone who is hot...actor, plumber, dentist, receptionist...if they're hot, they're gay ;)

    Posted by: Wayne | Oct 4, 2005 4:36:22 PM

  14. Gotta love the "rrrrosas?!" lady. She's an institution.

    Posted by: Patrick | Oct 4, 2005 10:03:13 PM

  15. Jessica Alba should see Paul Walker in The Fast and the Furious. He and Vin Diesel share all kinds of chemistry in that movie -the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. At any given moment I was expecting them to fall across the nearest car hood and do each other. Not a great movie, but well worth a rental just to watch the obvious Paul/Vin love story!

    Posted by: Anna | Oct 5, 2005 12:53:20 AM

  16. im getting really tired of the see-saw agrument surrounding actors' sexuality. every time theres mention that someone COULD be queer (and we know there are plenty of closeted gay actors, hot or not), some imp nearly always feels the obligation to blurt out a comment similar that of donald above. give it a rest. if a group of gay men reading a gay blog want to banter about a (probably) gay actor, save your equally speculative dissent for sunday school.

    Posted by: CriticalRN | Oct 5, 2005 8:33:56 AM

  17. Criticalrn
    I was being sarcastic and I do not blurt things out in writing (blurting is a verbal skill) You seem to lack humor. Once again hot guys bring out the best and worst of everyones sense of humor. Hot guys rule!

    Posted by: Donald | Oct 5, 2005 8:50:54 AM

  18. don: given this is a virtual conversation, you blurted if i say you blurted. and yes, you finaly got it correct: hot guys do rule! ;-)

    Posted by: CriticalRN | Oct 5, 2005 8:31:25 PM

  19. i met Scott Caan in 1999 in a gay bar in Canada. He wasn't famous and he was with an old guy at the same table but my friend told me that he was straight and just hunging out. He looked so hot and i bought him a drink and he just smiled at me. Nothing more.

    Posted by: Menelaus | Jun 13, 2006 12:30:47 PM

  20. I think that Scott Caan is very,very sexy and I hop one day i will get my chance to meet him and I really, really love him alot.

    Posted by: Pamela | Dec 19, 2006 9:22:54 PM

  21. scott caan is not holding Paul walkers leg that wonldn't be right. I Love soctt caan so much he is the sexyest man i have ever seen in my life.

    Posted by: pamela | Apr 8, 2007 1:38:08 PM

  22. can anyone clear out where the gay rumors about caan come from? there's a profile in a gay website with a cropped picture of him. since it's a public photo i believe someone is misusing it. profile is based in NYC. does he live in hollywood?

    Posted by: D O U G | Oct 4, 2008 1:44:01 PM

  23. Paul Walker is a very handsome guy show business is much easier IF YOU DO right

    Posted by: Eric | Jul 23, 2009 12:34:57 PM

  24. In the mid 90s Scott Caan got into a fight at a gay bar called The Firehouse in LA. The press reported that it was at a straight bar and over a girl originally but it was later revealed to be at a gay bar and over a guy. I think Scott's management tried to cover this up.

    Posted by: Glenn D | Feb 22, 2010 2:38:04 AM

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