road.jpg Pope "Benedick" releases long-awaited document barring gays from the priesthood. Rules bar "practicing" homosexuals, men with "deep-seated" homosexual tendencies and those who support gay culture. In a commentary intended to accompany the release of the document, a Vatican newspaper argued that "homosexuality risked 'destabilizing people and society', had no social or moral value and could never match the importance of the relationship between a man and a woman," according to Reuters.

Ake_greenroad.jpg Swedish pastor who called homosexuality "a deep cancerous tumor on all of society" is acquitted of hate crime accusations. Case pitted freedom of speech against protection of minorities. Ake Green says he'll not deliver any more sermons on gays: "I don't need to. I have said so clearly where I stand on the issue."

road.jpg The United States has condemned the arrest of more than two dozen men preparing for a "mass gay wedding" in the United Arab Emirates. Authorities in that country have threatened to try the men for adultery and prostitution, test them for male hormone levels and order them to be injected with hormones as a possible sentence reduction option. In a statement released Monday, the U.S. State Department said, "We call on the government of the United Arab Emirates to immediately stop any ordered hormone and psychological treatment and to comply with the standards of international law."

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  1. I feel like someone just told me a family member has died. Till this moment I was a practicing Catholic. However, this latest document leaves no room for reconciliation with the Church. More specifically it excludes me from the Church. I can remember coming out to a Chaplain while still on active duty. He told me my sexuality was not a curse from God, but rather a gift. How I conducted my life, and bore the burden that inevitably would come with being gay and Christian would be my gift in return. He told me that as a gay Christian, I had a privilege to share in the suffering of Christ, by the way the world responds to my sexuality. For years, I held hope that gay people and the Church could work towards full communion. As an openly gay man, I presented a foster child with AIDS to Pope John Paul II for baptism, and was so impressed with the kindness of John Paul II despite my disagreements with him on so many issues. I appreciated his human dignity, and I could see he too respected mine. In the process of arranging for this childs' wish to be baptized by the Pope, I met and dealt with countless queer priests both at the Vatican and in NY. Now, all those men, must react to the Church in a similar way Jews had to react to the early days of Nazism. I am heartsick and angry that a man who served Hitler in the Nazi Youth could rise to lead the worlds largest Christian denomination. I am dumbstruck that a Nazi could be made Pope. Even under the premise of being forced as a youth to follow Hitler, Christ himself would not have done that. He would have chosen death over sworn allegience to evil. Likewise St. Peter preferred to be crucified upside down rather than serve Rome. Yet now a Nazi now leads over a billion Christians, and has chosen to start a witch hunt as cover for the sins of his own clergy. A man who collaborated and swore allegience to the most vile regime the world has ever known claims to be in a position to claim my love for my partner serves no purpose in the world. I will miss the Church. But unlike this Pope, I know enough not to belong to a regime that spreads hate.

    Posted by: Jeff | Nov 29, 2005 3:30:00 PM

  2. The pope is not the Church; the Church lives inside all who believe Jesus to the be Son of God, that Jesus died so that we may live.
    Welcome to the world of Catholics in exile.

    Posted by: William Mauceri | Nov 29, 2005 4:25:00 PM

  3. Well, he is the Vicar of God on Earth for believing Roman Catholics...so your either stuck with him, or you should leave the Church. Being raised a calvanist Protestant, I never understood the concept of loyalty to a "Church" in the first place.

    Posted by: Ted B. | Nov 29, 2005 4:31:23 PM

  4. Jesus can suck it.

    Posted by: Shirley Hemphill | Nov 29, 2005 4:47:40 PM





    Posted by: JA'NET DUBOIS | Nov 29, 2005 4:53:36 PM

  6. Regarding the third item, funny how our government is calling on the UAE to follow international law, considering we're not following those set down by the Geneva Conventions.

    Posted by: Rob | Nov 29, 2005 4:57:05 PM

  7. Isn't it "deep-seeded?"

    Posted by: roy | Nov 29, 2005 5:19:02 PM

  8. Re: the third one, I guess the message the U.S. is trying to send to the world is that if the damage against a homosexual is physical, then that's bad, but public organized emotional scaring and limitation of other civil liberties is still good...

    Posted by: Bart | Nov 29, 2005 6:05:34 PM

  9. There is nothing more through-the-looking-glass than the trumpeting of the beauty, rightness, and essential naturalness of the male/female relationship, as trumpeted by everyone with a bilious point to make against gayness.

    Some day, maybe, I'll meet one of these heterosexual template couples. It would be refreshing, after the nine zillion disastrous, fear-based, messy unions between men and women I have thus far encountered.

    Posted by: Giacomo | Nov 29, 2005 6:11:30 PM

  10. banning men with "deep-seated" homosexual tendencies?

    so they just want the shallow ones?

    next season's cassocks are going to be FABULOUS!

    Posted by: par3182 | Nov 29, 2005 6:13:38 PM

  11. >>the United Arab Emirates

    They're Arabs. Did anybody expect them to act like humans?

    Posted by: Jay Croce | Nov 29, 2005 7:56:21 PM

  12. From the p.o.v of a protestant I am surprised by the reaction of gay catholics to the latest vatican outrage. I feel that since the time of JP2 there is a clear line of ideological war targetting any thoughts or feelings that stray from a strict interpretation of doctrine. This document folds very neatly into that war.

    Last night i was reading a biography of Marie-Antoinette and it mentioned that the Pope at the time of the French Revolution (Pius VI) completely condemened the Declaration of the Rights of Man... what better snapshot do you need of how the vatican thinks?

    Posted by: anthony | Nov 29, 2005 8:02:12 PM

  13. Religion: Divisive, not Divine

    Plant a tree... put others before yourself,,, thats devine.

    Now thats a GAY beach.


    Posted by: deep-seeded | Nov 29, 2005 8:38:48 PM

  14. You know what would send a message to the freaking Pope? If every gay Catholic, every gay seminarian and every Catholic who knows a gay person either left the church or stopped giving it so much as a penny. I don't care what believers say, organized religion is first a business; spirituality comes second. And in this case, a very distant, sad second.

    Posted by: zinc alloy | Nov 29, 2005 9:22:51 PM

  15. go zinc go..........

    Posted by: deep-seeded | Nov 29, 2005 9:54:02 PM

  16. Yet another disappointment from the Catholic Church. Honestly, it's truly disheartening. The Catholic Church is just a confusing institution to me. It can decree something, and suddenly it is supposed to be spiritual truth. I mean, this is a church that used to sell indulgences for admittance into Heaven? A church that helped conceal and protect nazis, keep a lid on a child abuse and pedophilia epidemic amongst its own freaking preists and spiritual leaders, and has the audacity to claim that its head official is God's representative on earth, a mere human who is in their mind 'infallible'. It seems all doctrines of Catholicism and Christianity that preach love, acceptance, non-judgement and compassion, the virtues that are supposed to the FOUNDATION of religion, are just not important. This 'church' and so-called spiritual people seemingly do nothing but discriminate, judge and even protect and harbor evil. Everyone think about this: what is more destabilizing to society: two people of the same-sex in love, or a church in the service of God and love, in which millions around the world have faith, preaching hatred, judgement and discrimination and division?

    Posted by: Matt | Nov 29, 2005 9:56:55 PM

  17. Oh, Matt, Matt, Matt. Poor, misguided, deluded Matt...
    Don't you realize that when you speak up for love, tolerance and acceptance the terrorists win? ;)

    Posted by: zinc alloy | Nov 29, 2005 11:02:56 PM

  18. Not that I approve of the Catholic Church, or any other church for that matter, but don't they have the right to set their own standards and rules?

    We each have the right to attend, or not attend, any church we choose. Is it right for us to tell any group how to think or act? The Catholics are only harming their own church members. They're not preventing anyone from preaching, worshipping, or serving the god of their choice. They're only regulating what goes on in their own church.

    If the teachings and the laws of the Catholic Church are not consistent with your own beliefs, then you need to find another church. Better yet, find the strength within yourself to speak directly to your god, and stop relying on organized religion to tell you what to do and how to think.

    The god I believe in, doesn't reside within the walls of any particular building, or endorse any particular brand of religion. I can worship anywhere, anytime, in any manner I choose. My faith doesn't require me to attend worship services on a fixed schedule. I don't have to pay a membership fee, donate to a building fund, or confess my sins to another mortal person.

    I may burn in hell, but at least I'll know that I didn't get there by following the rules of some group of people who don't know god's will any better than I do.

    Posted by: Jay Croce | Nov 29, 2005 11:50:24 PM

  19. Jay is right... you have the right to worship as you please or do it the way Jesus wants you to do it... you have the right to make a mistake.

    As long as i get first crack at those young choir boys the government can do what it wants...

    Dubya can put nine of my guys on as Supremes and the competition can fuck off for all i care.

    Vatican City
    the pope... until i am replaced

    Posted by: HisHolynessDPope | Nov 30, 2005 12:43:21 AM

  20. Wow, this topic has really sparked some strong feelings. That's great. I'm so tired of pussyfooting around with bigots and bigotry. The religious right and the current political regime has fostered a climate in which people think they can lob any sort of hateful, sanctimonious bullshit at us they want to without a retort. Well, kids, the climate is changing.

    Hi Andy, my you're up late, tonight...

    Posted by: zinc alloy | Nov 30, 2005 1:08:31 AM

  21. Thanks to Jeff at the top for his eloquence.

    Yes, as adults we are free to choose our churches I guess..

    But that doesn't address what a bitter sting it is when you are declared rejected from the church you were born into.

    It isn't just a fucking shopping choice, you know.
    But many gay Americans seem to think it is exactly that.

    And of all the Christian branches, Catholicism literally means "all". Meaning everyone is invited and everyone is worthy.

    Bitter indeed to have this new hate thrown at us. I've read elesewhere that Benedict is keen for a crackdown because he himself was quite the participant in gay revelry at seminaries back in oh, WW One.

    In other words, he's a vicious fag himself, persecuting gay people. Just vile.

    I'm turning E-Discopalian.

    A bad joke, but I am also very bitter about this- hundreds of people die in Iraq every day-in the hellhole we've created-but THIS is what's important to decry?

    Posted by: Deschanel | Nov 30, 2005 2:38:07 AM

  22. I don't really mind seeing the Vatican come clean on this issue at last; a strict reading like this one puts their position out in the open, and it may help some Catholics - those who always wanted to - to subscribe to bigotry as it shows others the door. I live entirely outside these various religions, but find them (Swedes and all) getting very cranky lately. The ethical stance, it would appear, trumps their 'moral' one.

    Posted by: baz | Nov 30, 2005 9:33:36 AM

  23. The Swedish case is a good argument against hate crime laws, which are really PC thought crimes. The man was sentenced to prison for quoting the Bible in a sermon in a church. But then sophisticated Europe still hasn't discovered the First Amendment.

    In another case, a Swedish man, responding to gang-rapes of Swedish women by Muslim immigrants sentenced to 2 months in prison for writing, "I don't think I am alone in feeling sick when reading about how Swedish girls are raped by immigrant hordes."

    Another man emailed public officials that he opposed housing subsidies for Arabs because he thought they were criminals. He avoided prison by paying fine of 10% of his pre-tax income.

    In Norway, a Jewish teacher was prohibited from wearing Star of David under his shirt, because it might offend Muslims, who are allowed to wear hijab to school.

    BONUS: When Swedish man-hater Joanna Rytel wrote piece for major daily: "I Will Never Give Birth to a White Man," extolling hatred of white men, a public prosecutor wouldn't take the case, saying hate crime laws were not intended to cover Swedish men (!)

    Posted by: beautifulatrocities | Nov 30, 2005 10:28:05 AM

  24. If you would like to read a short comment to the Court’s decision by a Swedish lawyer, please, check my blog post here.

    Posted by: Krizz | Nov 30, 2005 4:57:00 PM

  25. Happy times we live in.

    Posted by: Pierre | Nov 30, 2005 9:18:29 PM

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