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King Kong Attacks Manhattan


Last night I was lucky enough to attend (actually, I was one of 8000 lucky enough to attend) the World Premiere of King Kong which was held in two massive multiplexes across the street from one another on 42nd Street. Beginning early in the day, they had set up a gigantic life-size replica of King Kong in the middle of Times Square which I had to stop by and see before picking up the tickets.

Kudos to Universal for handling all these people with the organization that they did. After the premiere, we were shuttled on buses to Pier 92 where a vast jungle had been recreated complete with waterfalls, vaudeville scenes (this Kong is a period piece), fake snow (which proved to be a hazard as it was more slippery than the real stuff), Kong video game setups, and plenty of free food and booze to go around.

Some of the stars of the movie were there (we happened to spot Adrien Brody, Colin Hanks, and Jack Black) but I was a bit disappointed that the giant Kong had not been moved (or at least duplicated) from its Times Square location. They even had a replica of the tram steamer Venture when you entered the pier, water sound effects and all.

Anyway, they may have been a bit confused, because a much scarier King had arrived at the party and was attracting more attention than any of the stars. Who was it? Find out after the jump.


Yes, the Burger King was there. And I had no idea that the Burger King was accompanied by Burger King babes, but yes, apparently it's true. And uh, Posh Spice called. She wants her look back.

Anyway, is this a preview for the Peter Jackson sequel? Burger King Kong?

Wait and see. My review of the film will be coming up later...

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  1. I cannot stand that BK statue. The TV ads are horrible as well. The way that thing looks is enough to give a child nightmares. I don't know why they use that stupid statue, but I prefer the King that Burger King used when I was a kid - back in the 70's. It was a cartoon King that was short, fat, and cute. They should reuse him for their ads. Retro is always cool.

    Charles Roland

    Posted by: SternEdwards | Dec 6, 2005 9:38:29 AM

  2. This Burger King gives me the creeps. I agree with Charles.

    Posted by: Donald | Dec 6, 2005 9:41:09 AM

  3. I think those commercials, at least at the beginning, we're pretty damn funny.

    It was the sheer randomness of them that made them hilarious.

    Posted by: Tread | Dec 6, 2005 10:30:41 AM

  4. whats scary is its not a statue. . .that sucker walks and talks.

    Posted by: gogogo | Dec 6, 2005 5:23:53 PM

  5. Has anyone checked to see if he's really endowed with a "WHOPPER?"

    Just thinking of the possibilities makes my mouth water...

    Posted by: HisHolynessDPope | Dec 7, 2005 3:08:33 AM

  6. I believe it's more of that recent Mad Ave zeitgeist, wherein they think a really awful icon/image will stay with the consumer. Like the disgusting, snaggle-toothed, singing - worms? ferrets? - Quizno's had in their commercials.

    Posted by: Giacomo | Dec 7, 2005 3:57:16 AM

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