Scissor Sisters in the Studio


Our friend Oliver over at Thought Not has posted some exclusive photos from inside the Scissor Sisters' recording studio where they're working on their second album. Oliver reports that the new music sounds "amazing" (more details, please!) and also reveals a P-Diddy style name change for the most hirsute member of the group.

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  1. i posted about this last week, but i'm not special enough to have access to their studio! as for the album, i'm with you. i want details about what he heard.

    Posted by: ¡viva la graham! | Jan 23, 2006 10:41:44 AM

  2. I'm psyched for the new album, however, I cannot call him "Baby Dizzle." I just can't. Ugh.

    Posted by: dnash | Jan 23, 2006 11:00:11 AM

  3. I don’t know, DNASH. As bad as "Baby Dizzle" is, in my own opinion "Babydaddy" is worse. "Babydaddy" makes me think of husky women crying on the Maury Povich Show after testing the eleventh unwitting one-night stand for paternity.

    Posted by: RP | Jan 23, 2006 11:20:45 AM

  4. See, I never thought of it that way - I guess cuz I never watch those horrid shows. I thought it was a reference to his being a young bearish guy, the sort likely to be called a "Daddy" in about 10-15 years. Hence he's a "baby Daddy."

    Posted by: dnash | Jan 23, 2006 12:36:58 PM

  5. It's not the Alito nightmare in scope, but I'll chime in, too: I liked 'babydaddy' because, Dnash's fine theory aside, it hit me as an old-fashioned, redundant endearment, like 'sweetie baby', or 'honey sugar'.

    Posted by: Jacko | Jan 23, 2006 2:56:44 PM

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