road.jpg Gatecrasher Widdicombe: Tom Ford wanted Jake Gyllenhaal in the buff for salacious Vanity Fair cover shoot. Can anybody blame him?

Gonzagaroad.jpg Students at Gonzaga University near Spokane, Washington have been criticized for using "Brokeback Mountain" as a chant during basketball games to insult and intimidate the opposing team, in particular during a recent televised game against Stanford. One professor told the Seattle Post Intelligencer, "Many faculty members have brought up the discussion in their classes. They find none of the students have been comfortable with the chant, and that's a good sign." A member of the gay-straight alliance on campus says the school is having a hard time making LGBT students feel welcome. One senior derided the chanters in a recent school bulletin: "Imagine yourself as a homosexual individual in the midst of your peers, classmates and friends during this 'Brokeback Mountain' cheer. I simply do not understand how a student body claiming to live by Jesuit principles of acceptance and respect for all can allow an incident like this to happen and remain silent."

road.jpg Czech President rejects calls for same-sex partnership law.

road.jpg Prince William said to be hanging out with a bad influence.

road.jpg TAB: Brokeback Mountain inspiring surge in gay cowboy adventure holidays.

road.jpg Idaho is one step closer to amending discrimination into their constitution as a committee sends a marriage bill to the Senate floor. Folks on both sides of the measure spoke out. Said Laurie Burchfield: "The two most loving homosexual men can never be a mother to a little girl or a little boy. The two most loving mothers in the world can never be a father to a little girl or a little boy." A lesbian mother with a partner and two children replied, "In an absolute heartbeat, I would give my own life for [my children]. To me, that is love, and love makes a family. Please think deeply about the proposal before you now. Just because my family make-up is different from yours, does not make us any less a family."

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  1. I have been hearing alot of of these sorts of comments... one was in broken english claiming his friend was way to affectionate by given him a brokenback hug... lots of giggles and smirks.( actually kind of funny now that I read it..) To bad the part of broken back seem to be purely accidental. While most assume I am straight I am given the full on treatment of their humor. (ps that pic is offensive... not hot)

    Posted by: MikeLA2 | Feb 13, 2006 9:27:34 AM

  2. Prince Wils and those Gonzaga students will eventually grow up.

    Obviously BBM is "getting through" to the masses.

    A recent article stated that BBM won't make much of a societal difference because it's preaching to the converted. I was surprised the article didn't take into account all the wives who convinced their husbands to go, not to mention the wave of "cowboy romance" movies being planned for the future. Leno and Letterman originally pooh poohed the idea of seeing the movie and now can't shut up about it.

    Change is here. Change is good.


    Yay to the adventure trips. I mean, who doesn't want Jake Gyllenhaal in the buff?

    Posted by: Gilli | Feb 13, 2006 10:14:43 AM

  3. I don't want jake in the buff....sorry , but I do not find him all that attractive...nor heath either. Especialy jake though....nope...not all that at all.

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Feb 13, 2006 10:32:16 AM

  4. Jimmyboyo, I admire your total honesty.

    Gilli, it's interesting that a co-worker (actually a senior executive) who has been working through his internalized homophobia for the nine year's I've worked in my company, went to the movie. I asked him for a homophobic straight guy's opinion. He said he almost walked out. His life partner and her daughters told him to sit down. He did, loved the movie and ranks it among the best he's seen. He then asked my opinion on a lot of the subtext. He's never been particularly antagonistic about my being gay, just a bit distant. I think the movie changed him in certain measures.

    I am really rather more concerned about the Gonzaga students chanting than I am about Idaho following suit on the "hate is ok" legislation. University ought to be a time for young people to learn tolerance. Legislators are, by and large, as fully developed assholes as they'll ever be. I guess I should be thankful that I went to a Benedictine school rather than a Jebbie.

    Posted by: JT | Feb 13, 2006 11:10:07 AM

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