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McGreevey and Brokeback: "Better Together"


McgreeveyAmazon is now selling a special package: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Closet But Were Afraid to Ask.

You can buy former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's new memoir The Confession, and the Brokeback Mountain DVD in a kind of retail civil partnership.

In addition to the one from yesterday, here are a few new choice excerpts from McSteamy's forthcoming tell all:

On pretending: "I studied the moves, figured out what worked and what didn't, practiced and perfected my perfect inauthenticity."

On attending the League of Municipalities conference in Atlantic City which, according to McGreevey, is the heterosexual political equivalent of a highway rest stop: "All around me, pickups were taking place in plain sight. People would be talking about the event for weeks to come -- who got lucky, who got stiffed, and what everybody else thought about it. This was a terrible place not to be straight. It was amazing to me how often we ran into local political operatives in such places -- because a great deal of New Jersey's backroom business is conducted by men while folding bills into the waistbands of women dancing in their laps. It was like ancient Rome, or some tawdry modern variant in which aspiring politicians did their level best to be seen at clubs with names like VIP and Cheeques. I was one of those young men."

On life in the closet: "As the years went on, I became as avid a womanizer as anybody else on the New Jersey political scene. But my attraction was largely artificial, my sexual performance a triumph of mind over matter. As glorious and meaningful as it would have been to have a loving and sound sexual experience with another man, I knew I'd have to undo my happiness step by step as I began chasing my dream of a public career and the kind of 'acceptable' life that went with it. So, instead, I settled for the detached anonymity of bookstores and rest stops -- a compromise, but one that was wholly unfulfilling and morally unsatisfactory."

Hmm, I could think of a few folks who might appreciate receiving this special two-fer.

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  1. It's kind of hard to feel sorry for McGreevey considering he divorced his first wife; knew he was gay; and then married his second wife. McGreevey then hired his unqualified lover for a state job. Whether gay or straight, putting your lover unqualified lover on the state payroll is unethical.

    Posted by: oliver | May 23, 2006 9:47:32 AM

  2. Ugh

    Posted by: steven | May 23, 2006 9:57:07 AM

  3. Wouldn't a book on the "Down Low" be a better match than Brokeback?

    Posted by: EricW | May 23, 2006 9:57:10 AM

  4. I just hope he doesn't try to play the gay martyr role in the book, like he attempted to at the time he announced his resignation. I'm glad the guy is living his life now, but boy oh boy what a crappy governor he was.

    Posted by: Justin | May 23, 2006 10:34:49 AM

  5. And, he leveraged his beard (wife #2) into a position as a director at Cathedral Healthcare. She knew he was gay when she married him, just ask any nurse in the state. She just used him as a sperm donor and a step up the ladder. But, as a result of Mrs. McGreevey thousands of NJ Nurses and health care workers lost their pensions (in some cases after over 30 years of working). I have no sympathy for him or her, their motives were purely selfish. They are both power hungry, greedy, conceited manipulators. And now we are supposed to feel sorry for him because he didnt' have the balls to come out? Too bad Jimmy, blowjobs on the turnpike don't make you a martyr and neither does muff diving in Atlantic City. It just makes you a bigger whore.

    Posted by: Jeff | May 23, 2006 10:45:54 AM

  6. Passing has always taken its psychological toll.The constant dishonesty acts as a cancer to the soul. I wonder if ANY politician can ever be truly honest.

    Posted by: Brian | May 23, 2006 10:49:05 AM

  7. Are he and his lover still together?

    Posted by: Jase | May 23, 2006 11:18:59 AM

  8. The last I ever read about his supposed lover, Golan Cipel, was that he ran off to Israel during the political storm and threatened lawsuits; I'm not sure he ever returned. Jim's now dating a 43 year old Aussie business exec living in Manhattan, Mark O'Donnell.

    Posted by: strikefour82 | May 23, 2006 3:33:21 PM

  9. Checking out Amazon's listing for "The Confession" by James McGreevey one finds that many who bought this book also bought Brokeback.
    However, 97% - that's Ninety-Seven Percent - of those who viewed the lisitng went on to buy the right-wing family values "Stand for Something : The Battle for America's Soul by John Kasich."

    Posted by: David | May 23, 2006 4:53:01 PM

  10. At least they are not buying Mary Cheney's book. But yipes is appropriate.

    Posted by: Brian | May 23, 2006 7:30:25 PM

  11. I saw Cheney's book in A Different Light the other day and had to stop and think, "Oh right she's gay."

    Posted by: Chad Hanging | May 23, 2006 9:22:41 PM

  12. Being from Jersey, we always knew he was gay. He wasn't really all that closeted about it locally when he was mayor. In fact, I've heard he was pretty sloppy about it. It's hard not to chalk all of it up to simple opportunism. And that sucks, because while alot of us have to really deal with the brutalities of closet life there are some of us out there who'll utilize it for personal gain. Plus, not for nothing but he's from Jersey. We have to be one of the most never-may-care states in the union. Noone cared he was gay, we cared that his administration was corrupt.

    That being said, I must admit I find the man sooooo gorgeous! omg! and it's not a younger-older guy thing. I dunno, maybe i've got a thing for

    Posted by: Bobby Alexander | May 23, 2006 11:21:25 PM

  13. Oh wait, I didn't realize he was married a second time. I thought his "I am a gay american" speech was so selacious and self-serving. At least he gave us a good nickname to use.

    Now I call my mate my "special counsel".

    Posted by: Chad Hanging | May 23, 2006 11:44:25 PM

  14. He was always an opportunist and he still is!! Nothing has changed....

    Posted by: talldarkman | May 26, 2006 2:09:27 PM

  15. I remember hearing years ago when he was in Atlantic City and broke his ankle...he was with Golan not his wife..his assistants got Golan out and his wife in before contacting the media

    Posted by: joe | Sep 18, 2006 12:11:00 PM

  16. McGreevey,
    I support you completely. My father suddenly passed away before I ever had a chance to come out to him. I regret that more than anything. I now anticipate a life of letting go, I know that you are embracing that as well.

    Posted by: Jeremy | Sep 22, 2006 10:51:00 PM

  17. I am proud of Jim McGreevey I have nothing but respect for him. He took responsibly for his actions (the affair with Golan and I believe hiring him when he was not trained for the position). Jim took ownership for the mistakes and apologized I give him so much respect for that.

    Just because you make mistake does not mean you are not a good person. Jim I believe is a good person, both before and after all is said and done. Nothing has changed my opinion of him, I can tell he has a wonderful heart and now he has a great partner Mark- who love each other very much. I am so glad the he can finally be himself, start letting go, and begin to heal and grow.

    Jim I don’t know how to tell you over and over again how proud I am of you. I definitely support you and I know you will be fine and start on this great path God will lead you down. We all make mistakes, we all have challenges, and from these we grow and become stronger people, you did the right thing. I have read your book…amazing...Some parts I cried; some made me a stronger person. Your story is something I believe all need to hear on many levels. Thank-you for sharing. I am sure this has been a great healing tool.

    Posted by: Tracy | Nov 19, 2006 1:58:03 AM

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