Catholic High School Coach Fired for Alleged Role in Philadelphia Attack On Gay Couple - VIDEO


An assistant basketball coach at a Catholic high school has been fired in connection with the brutal attack on a gay couple last Thursday in Philadelphia. Fran McGlinn, who had been serving on a contract basis with Archbishop Wood High School in neighboring Warminster, Pennsylvania, allegedly participated in the beating and robbery that left one victim with facial fractures and a jaw that had to be wired shut.

Said Kenneth Gavin, a spokesman for the Archdioceses of Philadelphia: "He was terminated this evening and will not be permitted to coach in any archdiocesan school. We expect all those who work with students in our schools to model appropriate Christian behavior at all times."

AttackAnd although no arrests have been made, at least a few of the alleged assailants have been interviewed by investigators - thanks in part to the work of Twitter and Facebook sleuths who helped police identify the attackers. Defense attorneys who represent some of the members of the anti-gay mob are claiming that it was actually the victim who started the fight. 

Watch a CBS Philly report on the developing case, AFTER THE JUMP...

The station adds that attacks based on sexual orientation are not classified as "hate crimes" under Pennsylvania law. This morning, Caryn Kunkle, a spokesperson for the victims in the attack, launched a petition asking lawmakers to amend the state's hate crimes laws to include sexual orientation. 

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The OXD Mirror: Kiesza Teases Her New Album, And Other New Music From Fred Falke and Elizabeth Rose



We've been closely following Kiesza since her debut single 'Hideaway' got our attention this past spring. Her follow-up single 'Giant In My Heart' continued to build on the singer's success as she set out on a rigorous media tour to support her quickly rising star. Over the past weekend, Kiesza released 'No Enemiesz' to tease the release of her album, Sound of a Woman, on October 21st.

Kiesza: 'No Enemiesz'

Kiesza certainly picks up where she left off in 'Hideaway' and 'Giant In My Heart' with 'No Enemiesz.' The track has a pulsing house beat complemented by piano keys in the chorus, all wrapped together with Kiesza's soulful vocals. The singer claims her debut album will contain not only dance and house influenced tracks, but you'll also hear grunge, rock and folk on Sound of a Woman. We're certainly excited to hear her debut release next month – but in the interim, be sure to catch her performing on Ellen on September 24th.

More new music for your ears, AFTER THE JUMP...

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This is Huntington and He's Got a Secret: VIDEO


Scott Huntington is a queer pop recording artist from Sydney now based in Hamburg. He and his bandmate Dustin Ibrahimoglu recently recorded their first video, "Secret".

Find out the secret, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Pope Francis To Exile Anti-Gay Conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke - VIDEO

Cardinal Raymond Burke

Pope Francis may be about to remove homophobe Cardinal Raymond Burke from his position as head of the Vatican’s “Supreme Court,” relegating him to a largely ceremonial role as head of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, reports conservative news outlet Breitbart.

Burke has been very forthcoming on his feelings regarding the rights and wrongs of discrimination.  In 2010, he announced that while racism is unacceptable, discrimination against LGBT people is “perfectly just and good.”

Waxing lyrical on his pro-discrimination stance, Burke went on to explain to gay people what they have been doing wrong for all these years:

“Sexual acts between persons of the same sex are intrinsically evil, are against nature itself...its simply announcing the truth, helping people to discriminate right from wrong in terms of their own activities.”

In the past, Burke announced that former presidential candidate John Kerry would not be allowed to receive communion for his pro-abortion stance and excommunicated two women who claimed to have been ordained by a third woman claiming to be a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.

The new role would see Burke removed from the Roman Curia, the body of Vatican-based Cardinals who are close advisers to the Pope.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis suggested that the Catholic Church might consider supporting same-sex civil unions

Watch Burke explain why it's ok to discriminate against gay people, AFTER THE JUMP...

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‘Bootycandy,’ Brassy Comedy About Black, Gay Experience, Opens Off Broadway



Of all the pet names you’ve heard used to describe your privates, “bootycandy” might be a first. As the title suggests, Robert O’Hara’s wickedly funny and provocative new play, which opened Off Broadway last week at Playwrights Horizons, is anything but demure.

Bootycandy2Through a parade of short scenes ranging from the outrageously-out-there to more intimate, but no less lively exchanges, the writer-director assembles snapshots of gay experience in a particular corner of black culture. Though plainly autobiographical, O’Hara’s play unfolds less like a linear memoir than an episode of In Living Color, with actors performing multiple characters and offbeat sidebars peppering the central coming-of-age story.

We first meet Sutter (O’Hara’s stand-in, a sensitive Phillip James Brannon) as a young fan of late ‘70s Michael Jackson—afro and all—asking his mom (Jessica Frances Dukes) the pressing, prurient questions of adolescence: Why do you call it bootycandy? Can I lick it? Mommy, what’s a blowjob? The following scene puts us in the pulpit of a pastor (Lance Coadie Williams, a master of versatility) whose riotous sermon could double as a missive from RuPaul. Next we’re in the crossfire of gossip calls between neighborhood hens (Dukes and Benja Kay Thomas) over an expectant mom choosing “Genitalia” as her future baby’s name.

Though a bit of Sutter’s story is introduced in act one (including his affair with a bi-curious friend, played by Jesse Pennington), the play’s first half is something of a sprawl. Episodes seem strung together tenuously at best, and the lack of a clear narrative might try audience patience were it not for O’Hara’s killer comedic rhythms and the company’s adeptness at nailing laughs. As it is, the play’s outer edges provide a colorful context for the playwright’s exercise in self-discovery.

Bootycandy1The second act more closely follows Sutter’s personal story, unpacking his family relationships and sexual history and tapping into his latent rage at feeling oppressed by straight norms. Weightier elements, like a teenage Sutter alerting his parents to a potential sexual predator, are balanced with O’Hara’s biting humor, often hinging on outsize black stereotypes.

A uniformly great cast breathes life into O’Hara’s medley of characters, from sassy shade-throwers to those with quieter convictions. Set and costume designs by Clint Ramos impressively juggle the play’s variety-show-speed changes between venues and personalities.

Bootycandy3Aside from a deliciously frank treatment of race and sexuality, the most daring aspects of O’Hara’s play are in its composition, including scenes that break the “fourth wall,” asking (even forcing) the audience to digest the play’s deeper implications beyond sidesplitting laughs. Thanks to O’Hara’s buoyant hand with comedy, these jarring moments of accountability go down like medicine with a spoonful of sugar.

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ENDA Discharge Petition So Far Has Support from 75 Dems, No Republicans

A discharge petition for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) being pushed by Rep. Jared Polis has the support of 75 of 218 lawmakers it needs to succeed, the Washington Blade reports.

PolisThe petition has no Republican support so far, even from GOP lawmakers who went so far as to co-sponsor the original bill:

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), an original co-sponsor of ENDA, has already vowed not to sign a discharge petition, saying through a spokesperson it’s a “partisan political tool.”

But Polis took Republican supporters of ENDA to task, saying it’s time “to throw down the gauntlet” because co-sponsoring the legislation isn’t enough.

Still, the bill, which has a narrowed religious exemption, faces challenges even if passed by the House, the Blade adds:

Even if the House were to succeed in passing ENDA with a narrower discharge petition, the chances of passing a version of the bill in the Senate with that language would be complicated. Still, Polis expressed confidence the upper chamber of Congress would pass the bill if the discharge petition were successful.

“The previous incarnation of ENDA was in the pre-Hobby Lobby era,” Polis said. “I’m confident that if this is brought to the House floor and passes, the Senate will be able to expeditiously act on this bill and sent it to the president’s desk.”

The Blade reports that Dems are "bullish" on its prospects. At least one pundit is skeptical:

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