Former L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is Gay, Says Ex-Mistress


Donald Sterling's former mistress/girlfriend V. Stiviano is now claiming that the ex-LA Clippers owner is gay and that she served as his "beard" for three years prior his wife Shelly Sterling filing a lawsuit against Stiviano.

The Wrap reports:

StivianoIn response to Shelly's lawsuit, which accuses the model mistress of taking $1.8 million from the Sterling Family in gifts for sexual favors, Stiviano says that she “was not ever a sexual partner” of Donald.

In documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 9 obtained by TheWrap, Stiviano said that Donald is “homosexual and enjoys sexual and or sexual congress with males” and that she acted as his “beard.”

Additionally, the documents state that Shelly knew and “condoned” her husband's “sexual orientation” and approved “gifts of money and or properties” to Stiviano for acting as his beard.

The New York Daily News adds that Sterling's lawyer dismissed the gay claim, calling Stiviano "delusional"

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Equality California Sponsors Resolution Urging an End to Gay Blood Donor Ban - VIDEO


Equality California, the largest LGBT advocacy organization in the state, has partnered with Assemblymember Richard Bloom to advance an assembly joint resolution (AJR 50) urging President Barack Obama to compel the Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to introduce blood donor policies that do not discriminate against men who have had sex with other men.

Currently, the FDA prohibits men from donating blood for life if they have even once had sex with another man since 1977.

Medical organizations including the American Red Cross and the American Association for Blood Banks have called for a reevaluation and/or repeal of the policy citing its excessively broad nature and advances in blood testing.

BloomThe Williams Institute think tank estimates that an additional 130,150 men would likely donate 219,200 pints of blood each year if the ban were lifted, helping blood banks which routinely operate with a short supplies.

Bloom said:

“The FDA's archaic exclusions are both discriminatory and unwise, considering the nation’s chronic blood supply shortages. It is time for the FDA to restructure its blood donor deferral policies to reflect sound science, not outdated social prejudices.”

The resolution, which passed the Assembly Floor yesterday with a final bipartisan vote of 58-15, will now move to the Senate for consideration.

Watch a report on a blood donor protest at the University of Cincinnati's Hoxworth Blood Center last month, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rabid Anti-Gay Pastor Rafael Cruz To Receive Award At Hate Group Gala - VIDEO

Rafael cruz

At the upcoming Vision America “Heroes of Faith Gala,”  - a gathering of some of the most hateful anti-gay activists in the U.S. - Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is set to collect the “Don Wildmon Award” on behalf of his father Rafael Cruz, reports Right Wing Watch. The award is named for the founder of the American Family Association.

GalaTony Perkins, the leader of anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, is will receive the 2014 “National Hero of Faith Award” at the same event.

Back in June, we reported that Right Wing Watch had compiled a treasure trove of video footage of Cruz senior spouting off about everything from the evils of evolution, to his belief that Obama thinks he's God and Satan controls the government, to his assertion that gays stole the word "gay" and endanger children.

In the same month, Senator Cruz stoked religious fears that gay rights will soon lead to new hate speech laws and will force pastors to perform same-sex nuptials.

Vision America is run by rabid homophobe Rick Scarborough who earlier this month said that it is a miracle that god has not destroyed the U.S. since President Barack Obama started appointing gay ambassadors.

Watch Scarborough’s bizarre claims, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Just Missed The Train' By Wilson Knight: VIDEO


Gay artist Wilson Knight has a new indie-pop single for your listening pleasure: "Just Missed The Train". The slow ballad is an autobiographical account of Knight himself having had to move on from a past relationship that was once holding him back...though honestly the couple in the video seem pretty loving and stable, so there's a bit of dissonance present. And auto-tune; definitely feels like too much auto-tune.  

You can listen to the song and see if it speaks to you AFTER THE JUMP...


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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Signs Law Criminalizing HIV Transmission

MuseveniUgandan President Yoweri Museveni has officially criminalized the transmission of HIV, a move that many public health experts worry could ultimately exacerbate Uganda’s well documented struggles with the virus. Similar to law that sometimes appear here in the U.S. Uganda’s new HIV Prevention and AIDS Control Bill targets those individuals who willfully expose others to the virus without their knowledge. In theory provisions like these would encourage people to exercise safer sex practices. Unfortunately, that is seldom the case. Rather than fostering openness about one’s HIV status, the criminalization of HIV has been proven to be ineffective and ultimately harmful.

The circumstances under which the mandate made its way through the Ugandan legal systems are dubious at best. The law, which surfaced earlier this week, is dated to have have officially been signed in late July, closely following the nullification of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.

The AHA’s passing was invalidated after legal review revealed that the Ugandan Parliament did not have the quorum of its members necessary to turn the homophobic legislation into law. President Museveni has insisted that the law, which is being reintroduced the Parliament, will be gentler towards adults consensually engaging in homosexual acts. Those found in violation of the original AHA could be sentenced to life in prison but, Museveni says, the revised law focuses solely on the protection of children.

Read the full text of Uganda's law criminalizing the transmission of HIV AFTER THE JUMP...

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This Puppy Pool Party Is Cooler Than Your Pool Party: VIDEO

Puppy Pool Party

A swimming pool for dogs because why shouldn't there be? The video of mostly labs and retrievers playing and swimming after toys is wholly adorable, due in no small part to the fact that smell-o-vision isn't a thing.

Rather than dwell on such a thought, or the poor soul who has to clean the filter afterward, enjoy the video of pure canine joy AFTER THE JUMP...

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